About Us

The goal of this blog/website is to keep you informed of the latest gear, fishing reports, and news for the Lake Erie Region.  Our website includes articles, blog posts, fishing reports, webcams, and other information to help you catch more fish on Lake Erie.  Our goal is to provide a fishing report monthly at a minimum.  During peak seasons like spring and fall, we will post multiple reports per month.  This is to stay on top of migrating fish such as walleye. 


We try to provide all resources possible in one place for the everyday fishermen.  Subscribe with your email address on the homepage to receive notifications when a new article or fishing report gets posted.


We have been operating this website for many years.  The website is operated out of Ohio.  The fishing reports cover more than just Ohio.  We cover all bordering states and countries such as Canada.


If you have questions about the website or need general information please email us at: support@lakeeriefish.com