Trolling Crank:  Bandit Deep Walleye

Planer Boards:  Offshore Planer Boards

Trolling Reel:     Okuma Cold Water

Trolling Rod:      Okuma Dead Eye

Fish Finder:        Lowrance Elite



Here is your quick report for the weekend. Be careful and watch the wind. Make sure you have the proper safety gear and a marine radio.

Walleye: Walleye are being caught all over the lake. Michigan waters to Buffalo including the Canadian side. Dipsys and spoons/harnesses and bandits have been the go to baits. Reef runners are also catching their fair share of fish like always. There are fish high in the column and shallow. No need to travel any distance unless you are searching for bigger fish. If you want bigger fish go to the Eastern end of the lake and target the deeper fish. Dipsys and stick baits are pulling the bigger deep fish. The casting bite has been really good this year. You can cast just about anywhere you are marking fish. The Vermilion sandbar and Lorain (near shore and dump) have been really good.

Perch: The perch bite has been neglected the past few months because the walleye fishing has been so good. There are reports though from the islands area. If you want some perch drifting has been the best method. There are some schools of perch hanging out North of the Lorain dump also.

Steelhead: The offshore steelhead bite has taken off. 72+ FOW seems to be the best area right now. Large schools are starting to roam out there. Dipsys and spoons trolled at 3+ Mph is the formula for trout. Once you find a school it can be tough to stay on them. If you find a large active school, hold on because every rod on the boat will fire.

Bass: Largemouth fishing has been very good in the marinas outside the Detroit river and all along the Michigan shoreline. The marinas around Catawba island and Pelee Island have been very good also. The smallmouth on the Southern shore and islands are still shallow in 17-20 FOW. Look for that to change in the next few weeks as we move into mid summer. Drop shot with a minnow or darter imitation has been the best bait for smallmouth.