Lake Erie Walleye Fishing 12 July 2022

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing is outstanding right now. Reports that good numbers of Bass, Walleye, Perch, and Steelhead are being caught throughout Lake Erie. No matter what end of Lake Erie you are on, there is good Fishing.


Ohio Waters: Lorain to Conneaut is the hot spot for Lake Erie Walleye Fishing. Fish shallow during low light hours and deep during daylight. The best areas are 42 – 70 FOW. Dipsy and Jet divers followed by a spoon or worm harness are getting most of the fish in these areas. Trolling at 2-2.8 MPH has been most successful. If using a worm harness at those speeds a willow blade works best. Some fish are also being taken on Reef Runners assisted and unassisted.

Michigan Waters: 3 Miles out from Fermi and 4 Miles out from Luna have been the best areas. Anglers are targeting 20 FOW with crawler harnesses. Pinks and Reds have been best. Anglers are targeting the bottom half of the water column.

Canadian Waters: Walleye fishing is excellent in the offshore areas of Ontario. Anglers are targeting areas West of Pelee Island and the Wheel. Casting crawler harnesses has been popular as well as trolling them.

Pennsylvania Waters: 53 FOW straight out of Walnut has had action for the past 2 weeks. Anglers are reporting limits in just a few hours in that vicinity. Trolling Dipsy Divers with spoons has been best. Some of the large drift boats have been casting worm harnesses in that area with good success.

New York Waters: From Buffalo to Sturgeon Fence has been the area to target for a few weeks now. Anglers are catching walleye in 45-65 FOW suspended about 20 feet off the bottom. Slow trolling the bottom in the same areas with crawler harnesses has been productive also. In Barcelona the walleye are in the 55-75 FOW area using the same tactics.


Ohio Waters: The Toledo area and just East is producing limits of Yellow Perch. Most fish are coming off of a sabiki rig tipped with minnows or crawlers. Sandusky Bay around Cedar Point has been producing some limits of perch as well. This area can be spotty though.

Michigan Waters: Minnow Rigs in 15 FOW have produced some perch. Further out there is better size and numbers.

Pennsylvania Waters: No Report.

New York Waters: No Report.


Ohio Waters: Anglers are starting to make the trek to find steelhead in open water. Areas from Avon Point to Conneaut are the areas being targeted. If fishing around Avon point the starting point is usually the 41 line, then go North from there. The further East you go try and get to 70 FOW, that usually has some trout hanging around. Fish Dipsy Divers and spoons at 2.5-3.2 MPH. Running spoons off a downrigger is successful as well.

Michigan Waters: No Report.

Pennsylvania Waters: Steelhead are being caught offshore in 70+ FOW. Fish Dipsy Divers and spoons at 2.5-3.2 MPH. Running spoons off a downrigger is successful as well.

NY Waters: No Report.

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Black Bass:

Ohio Waters: Largemouth are being caught in the harbors and shores of the islands. Good numbers of fish are being caught, many boats reporting 50+ fish days. Smallmouth are being caught on the rocky South Shorelines and Islands. Targeting 18-25 FOW right now is best. You may be able to catch some smaller 3 lb. fish in shallower. For smallmouth use a drop shot or tube on the bottom. Some of the shallower fish can be targeted with crankbaits.

Michigan Waters: The Western shore of Lake Erie is great for Largemouth Bass. Most of the rivers and marinas on that shore have good numbers and sized Largemouth. Smallmouth are being caught outside the Detroit river on the humps in 15-22 FOW.

Pennsylvania Waters: Largemouth are being caught in the rivers and marinas. Target weed beds and docks. Smallmouth are still being caught on the out skirts of Presque Isle Bay in the deeper water.

NY Waters: Smallmouth bass are being caught on the rocky shoreline of Lake Erie NY waters. Bass are being caught in the 25-35 FOW range, with some still being shallow on the reefs. Outside Buffalo has been the best are to target.