Lake Erie Ice Fishing January 2022


The 2022 Lake Erie Ice Fishing Season is upon us. Below is your Lake Erie ice fishing January 2022 report.

Disclaimer: Ice fishing on Lake Erie and its Tributaries is your decision only!

Lake Erie Ice Fishing Report January 2022

East Harbor State Park

Anglers are reporting good catches of Bluegill, Crappie, and Perch in the harbor. Ice reports have been good for the past 2 weeks. With a mid-winter setting getting away from the pack will be key in that small area. The deeper holes have been producing the most fish. Minnows, Maggots, and Wax worms on tungsten jigs are doing most of the catching.

Catawba State Park

Anglers have been venturing out of Catawba State Park for about a week now. Ice thickness varies so much we are not going to put it in this report. Most fishermen are staying inside the 911 crack. An airboat is an option if you would like to venture out further. As you can see from the attached picture there is a lot of open water in the Western basin with some areas only having a skim layer of ice.

There is a lot of room for movement with just the slightest wind. Anglers making it out are using spoons tipped with frozen or live shiners. Lots of anglers reported scattered fish and staying on them was key. One group we talked to moved all day to stay on the fish! During these times when you can’t spread out, moving and or staying away from the pack can make a world of difference. All anglers heading out early ice should be wearing a survival suit, carrying a rope, have ice spikes, and make sure someone at home knows where they are. It will help tremendously during an emergency.

Camp Perry

Limited ice fishing is happening in this area. Most are leaving from private houses/land, not the camp itself. There was a lot of open water in this area just a few days ago.

South Bass Island

Fishermen have been doing some catching off of the islands. Some big fish have been taken this week close to the islands. Same program as above. Move to stay on fish and use a spoon with a minnow.