3 AUG 2021 Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Report
Lake Erie Report

Below is your latest fishing report as of 3 Aug 2021 for Lake Erie.

Walleye: The Central and Eastern basins are in full swing with the stable summer weather. From Ashtabula and East is the big fish bite. These fish are in 65+ FOW and being taken on spoons and shallow cranks behind dipsy divers. The casting bite in the East has been good also in the shallower depths. If you want a quick limit between Vermilion and Cleveland has a lot of fish. Most of these fish are in the 40+ FOW range. Early in the morning there is a quick bit inside as shallow as 16 FOW. In the Michigan waters there has been a steady bite from Sterling all the way to Sputnik. Most of these fish are being taken by casting or trolling worm harnesses. In the deep water spoons behind dipsy divers are working just as well.

Perch: The Western basin has begun to produce some limits of perch. Some areas to try are the monument off South Bass, Carpenters Point, B Can to F Can, and Taco Bell Buoy. Little Cedar point to the far West has been producing some limits as well. No news on the Central Basin. New York and Canadian waters have been doing very well since the spawn. The fish are of nice quality. In the East and North anglers are targeting 60+ FOW.

Steelhead: Summer steelhead fishing is as good as it gets right now. Most boats targeting them are having no trouble in 70+ FOW from Avon to Buffalo. Wheatley has been producing some nice fish as well. To target steelhead run spoons behind dipsy divers at a minimum of 2.5 MPH. Depth depends on where you are marking fish. Steelhead have been known to be shallow in the morning and deep in the afternoon.

Smallmouth: The black bass fishing right now is very good offshore. Locating these fish in the summer can be somewhat of a challenge and requires hours of idling. However, when you do find one they usually have friends around. We have had most luck in 17+ FOW off of points and the shoreline with our deepest fish coming from 26 FOW. Rock veins and isolated boulders are key this time of year.