8 AUG 2021 Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report

Fishing for Lake Erie Perch
Fishing for Lake Erie Perch

Perch: The Western Basin of Lake Erie remains the hot spot right now for perch.

Where: The Camp Perry Firing Range (Make sure you check the schedule before heading there!), Around Green and Rattlesnake Islands, Carpenter’s Point, and Lakeside are all producing perch right now. In Michigan waters Buoy C and the dumping grounds are producing Perch. You may or may not mark perch when you stop in these areas. It depends on if they are are tight to the bottom. If you think Perch are in the area the best way to tell is fish for a couple minutes. If nothing, then move on. Do not overlook shoal or rocky areas. Some boats have been doing well in 19-20 FOW off of the islands.

How: Most are using fly rigs, crappie rigs, and drop shots. For us this week, slowly dragging a dropshot was the only way to get bit. We used a variety of baits including fatheads, shiners, and emeralds. Cutting into pieces seemed to be the best bite.

Now that the water is at a stable summer temperature the Perch fishing should only improve. In the coming weeks look for the bite to improve in between South Bass and Kelley’s Island. Also look for North and East of Kelly’s to get good. Around mid September most Perch anglers move to Eastern Ohio, PA, and NY waters. In Lake Erie’s Eastern waters the size is unmatched and usually has a solid bite.