Best Day for Fishing | Explained

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Best Day for Fishing | The Right Weather

Weather plays a big part in catching fish. Cold fronts, warm fronts, and wind all play a major role in how good the fishing will be. The pressure also plays a big part in good fishing. Having steady weather a few days in a row also affects the fishing, in a good way!

Cold Fronts

Fishing around a cold front can be challenging. Historically, cold fronts have a bad rap when it comes to fishing around them. These key points will hopefully increase your chances of having a good day. Fishing on the front end and within the first day of a cold front can be good for a few different species. Walleye and smallmouth bass fishing specifically can be good. After the first day of the cold front, it will be tough. Typically there are clear, blue skies shortly after. When the clear skies appear, the fish disappears.

Warm Fronts

Warm fronts can be just as tricky to fish as a cold fronts. Again, right before and shortly after the warm front hits will be best typically. After the warm front sets in on the second day and beyond, the good fishing will taper off. Try and fish the first part of the front.

Windy Conditions

Wind, depending on how strong, can turn on the fish. However, it’s difficult to fish in the wind from shore or boat. If casting from shore, try and have the wind to your back. If in a boat, fish-protected coves, or the wind-facing bank. The wind is great for any predator fish because it positions the bait. A lot of times wind will push bait to points and coves, therefore drawing in the predator fish. Try and fish moving baits on windy points and coves.

Barometer Pressure | How Does it Affect Fishing

The barometer forecast and the day of can play a major role in being able to catch fish. Fish react to pressure readings. Rising or high pressure is typically tough. Falling and steady medium pressure is good. Keep an eye on the barometer reading for the day you want to fish.