Fishing Boat for Lake Erie | Top Picks

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lake erie vacation

Choosing a fishing boat for Lake Erie can be an overwhelming task. There are so many to choose from. Every boat performs differently. The length, width, beam, and dead rise of the boat all matter. Lake Erie fishing boats offer a lot of options depending on your style of fishing or what you are fishing for. A walleye boat will be set up differently than a bass fishing-only boat. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when shopping around for a Lake Erie boat.

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Fishing Boat for Lake Erie | What Style to Pick

Center Console Boat

Many individuals on Lake Erie fish out of center console boats. They handle the waves and chop well. Lake Erie can be a rough go sometimes during high winds and storms. Center Consoles offer stability to the madness. They cut through waves better than other style boats as they are made for the ocean. Most fishermen on Lake Erie will troll or cast for walleye on a center console boat. Most of these boats have enough room for 4-5 people to comfortably fish. This makes them an ideal choice for a family or group of friends fishing together. Most center console boats on Lake Erie are equipped with an outboard motor making them usable year-round depending on the ice.

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Walleye Tournament Boat

Walleye tournament-style boats are becoming more and more popular on Lake Erie every year. These boats are designed to handle the rough waters on Lake Erie while making fishing and speed a priority. Most are outfitted with an outboard engine making them usable even in the winter months. The floorplan is set up with a front deck for casting and lots of rear room for trolling. They are truly versatile when it comes to Lake Erie fishing. These style boats are available from 18′-22′ in aluminum and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a better ride on Great Lakes waves, with a steep price tag. Tournament-style Lake Erie boats have a kicker engine and trolling motor. Trolling for walleye is a breeze.

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Lake Erie Cruiser Boat

Lake Erie has marinas all over and a cruising boat may be the right choice for you. If you like being stationary and having room to sleep in your boat, this may be the best choice. Lots of people choose a cruiser boat for Lake Erie fishing because of the convenience of having a home marina. Many of these boats are large and can accommodate families and plenty of friends. Many fishermen use a cruiser cast for walleye or fish for perch. Lots of the fishing done is by drifting. They do not have the control of an electric trolling motor. While perch fishing many choose to anchor. Some people that fish out this style of large boat even drift fish for smallmouth bass around the islands of Lake Erie.

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This style of boat is especially popular with charter fishing boats on Lake Erie. This style of boat is big enough to accommodate 5-6 people for charter fishing. They are great to leave in a slip, which adds to the convenience. Maintenance costs are a little higher with the style of boat, but they are truly comfortable.

Lake Erie Bass Fishing Boat

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Bass fishing in Lake Erie has always been popular for sport fishermen and charters. Choosing the right bass fishing boat for Lake Erie can make or break your experience. If you only want to fish Lake Erie, a deep V fiberglass boat will be in your best interest. They handle the waves great and still have the maneuverability of a bass boat. This allows the angler to precisely fish in certain spots. All of the multispecies deep V models offer the same electronics and outboard options that bass boats do. They do cost more, but it will pay for itself in comfort. If you do fish some inland lakes, opting for a shorter deep V boat will suit you well.

Some of the best boat brands to use on Lake Erie for bass fishing are Ranger, Skeeter, and Vexus. Any boat brand that makes a deep V tournament-style boat will do great on Lake Erie. The deep V style is big enough to handle the waves and stay put while fishing. You may not get there fast, but you will be safe while fishing in big waves on the lake.