Lake Erie Boat Launches

lake erie boat launches
lake erie boat launches

Lake Erie offers boat launches in four different states and even Canada. Each boat ramp has unique features that will help you determine if it’s right for your group. Many factors go into choosing the right boat launch such as location, fees, and size. For example, you may opt to launch at a boat ramp that requires a fee. The benefits of this are you usually do not have to deal with crowds. You may want to choose a free state boat ramp to launch from, those are available as well. They do get a lot of traffic, so plan accordingly.

In this Lake Erie boat ramp article, we included an interactive map below to help with your choice of Lake Erie boat launches. In addition, each boat ramp on the map indicates if it’s free or requires a fee.

Lake Erie Boat Launch Map

Lake Erie Private Boat Ramp

east harbor state park boat ramp

Moreover, private boat ramps across all states and counties are located on Lake Erie. Private boat launches allow the public to use the ramp for a small fee. Most marinas offer a monthly or yearly membership that allows access to the private boat ramp during that time. Some even offer a daily rate, you can show up to the boat ramp and pay for the day. Parking is a breeze at private boat ramps because they have plenty of parking for your truck and trailer. Accordingly, the advantage of using a private boat ramp is avoiding the crowds. Lastly, most of the time you will not see the boat traffic you would at a public boat ramp.

Lake Erie Public Boat Ramp

Lake Erie public boat ramps are spread throughout the lake in all states and counties. Most public boat launches are run by the state, but some are run by local Metroparks or cities. Public boat launches normally offer multiple lanes and plenty of parking as they do get more busy than a private boat ramp. In addition, there is a get-ready lane at each public boat ramp that will accommodate multiple boats. The advantage of using a Lake Erie public boat ramp is there is no fee and sometimes a fish cleaning station is provided. One downside to using a public boat ramp on Lake Erie is that not everyone knows what they are doing. Sometimes the public boat ramp can get crowded, resulting in increased wait times. The Sandusky Bay boat ramp is an excellent place to launch.

Mazurik Boat Ramp

Looking for Lake Erie public boat ramps in the western basin? Any public boat launch in Port Clinton, Oh is a great choice. There are a couple of different Port Clinton boat ramps to choose from. The West Harbor boat ramp and Portage River boat ramp are both great choices.

Additionally, Mazurik boat access is a popular ramp in the western basin. There are plenty of parking spots and four lanes for launching a boat. If you are looking toward the central basin of Lake Erie, the Rocky River boat launch is a great choice. The Rocky River boat launch is part of the Cleveland Metroparks and is a safe place to launch a boat.

Michigan Boat Launches

Michigan offers several boat launches; moreover, they are in highly desired locations. Most Michigan boat ramps require a fee so keep that in mind when looking for a boat ramp. Some of the more popular boat ramps are Sterling Park and Bolles Harbor, both are great choices. The Detroit riverboat ramps are in a class all by themselves. If you are planning on fishing the Detroit River in the spring, be patient as there is a lot of boat traffic at these ramps. Below is a list of some of the ramps available in Michigan waters of Lake Erie.

Ohio Boat Launches

Ohio offers the most boat ramps on Lake Erie. With Port Clinton being the walleye capital of the world, that is no surprise. The western basin of Lake Erie is a hot spot for walleye fishing in the spring and summer months. Each boat ramp in Ohio has features that make it unique. In addition, some Ohio boat ramps are more accessible for large boats than others; therefore, choosing the right boat ramp is key. If you are looking to get in on the walleye action in the spring, Catawba State Park and Mazurik boat access will be your best choice. They are free and the traffic moves relatively quickly. Lastly, below is a list of boat launches located in Ohio on Lake Erie from the western basin to the eastern basin. Don’t forget about the City of Sandusky boat ramp as well!

Ohio Lake Erie Boat Ramp

Pennsylvania Boat Launches

Additionally, Pennsylvania boat launches are spread throughout the southern shore of Lake Erie. PA does own a lot of real estate on Lake Erie but they do offer enough boat ramps to accommodate fishermen and boaters. Erie, PA offers the most launches nearby. There are other boat ramps available outside of the city if you do not want to be in downtown. Furthermore, below is a list of available boat launches in Pennsylvania.

  • Elk Creek Boat Ramp – Lake City, PA
  • Walnut Creek Access Area – Fairview, PA
  • Niagara Boat Launch – Erie, PA
  • Bay Harbor Marina – Erie, PA
  • Chestnut Street Boat Ramp – Erie, PA
  • Lampe Marina Boat Ramp – Erie, PA
  • East Avenue Boat Ramp – Erie, PA
  • Shades Beach Boat Ramp – Erie, PA
  • Northeast Boat Ramp – North East, PA

New York Boat Launches

New York offers plenty of boat launches spread throughout its North coast on Lake Erie. However, most of the boat launches are located close to or in Buffalo, NY. The New York waters of Lake Erie are unique because there is close access to deep water for walleye or steelhead fishing. Lastly, below is a list of boat ramps available in New York on Lake Erie.

Canada Lake Erie Boat Launches

Canada Boat Ramp

In addition, Canada offers boat launches on Lake Erie; however, they are far more spread out than on the United States side of the lake. Most of the boat ramps are located in small lake towns right on the coast of Lake Erie in rural areas.

Lastly, The closer you get to the Niagara River and Detroit River the more boat launches start to appear. In addition, below is a list of Lake Erie boat launches in Canada.