Huron Ohio Fishing Report January 2017

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Here is your Huron Ohio Fishing Report for January 2017. Well, some guys made it out……that is an understatement. The trailer lot at the Huron ramp was full today.  Plenty of fish were caught also.

Huron Ohio Walleye Fishing Report

The best area from today was the dump in front of Huron and to the west.  The best baits were P10s and Bandits.  The fish were deep so it was a must to use snap weights.  On the P10 30/40 and 20/60 were the best leads trolled at 1-1.2 Mph.  Bandits with 2 oz. 20 ft. in front of the lure back 70 ft. was also working.  Also, stalling the boat often triggered strikes.  This drops your bait to the bottom and then picks it back up, during the point where the bait is not moving often would trigger a walleye to t-bone the lure.  Remember the water is just above freezing.  If you head out in the morning make sure you have all your safety gear and keep your head on a swivel.

Perch Fishing Report

Some perch were caught from the Huron pier today with shiners.  That’s the only report I have.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report

The small creeks and rivers have dropped quite a bit and are very clear.  The larger rivers are in prime condition.  Egg sacs for the spinning and pinners, and nymphs for the fly guys were the best baits.  Large deep runs seemed to be the ticket from yesterday and today.

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