Perch Walleye Fishing Report: August 2017

Dog days of summer are here. Check out this fishing report as we head into the hottest days of the year. For more recent reports check out our fishing reports page. This perch walleye fishing report will surely help you catch more fish on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Deep or current, that is key right now. Fish are offshore in packs. Of course, you can fish in close and sort through 50 shorts to a keeper, but the big fish are out in the abyss. The best areas are 40 – 50 fow outside Cleveland, buoy 45005, 40 fow north of Huron, the sandbar in Vermilion, the wheel, Lorain dump, Ashtabula, and Geneva. The most consistent bite is out east around Ash and Geneva. 70 fow with dipsies and spoons/meat. Most of the fish are good grade. There are steelies mixed in with the walleye out East, if you use spoons hold on! Outside of this area spinners w/ worms and cranks w/ weight are taking most of the fish. The bigger fish are deeper. If you like to cast, the islands offer a good casting bite all over. You will just have to sort through the shorts. Kelleys and Rattlesnake both have a good casting bite going on right now.

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report

Perch fishing is out of this world right now in the western basin of Lake Erie. Gull Island Shoal, Catawba Green Can, Lakeside, north of rattlesnake, Green Island, and Starve all have big schools of hungry perch. Charter boats are littered in these areas, but there is plenty to go around. If you fish central and east the bite spreads out a little and you will have to work for them, however, the quality is better. Huron has a good bite out by the dump, NE of Vermilion harbor, E55th in Cleveland, and Ash. When you can find emeralds, use those. Goldies will do in a pinch and some days fish everything.

Lake Erie Bass Fishing Report

West Harbor and East Harbor are still loaded with largemouth, polluted to say the least. They are all stunted, you will catch a lot, but usually all around 2 lbs. The smallies are in a summer holding pattern on the outside breaks on the island contours. Start in 20 feet when you mark them. Drop shots and tubes will do the damage. First thing in the morning is key.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report

The offshore bite for steelhead is really good right now. Wheatley is the place to be right now. There is some lingering steel in Ohio waters, but nothing like Wheatley. Limits of steel being pulled daily. East of the point with dipsies and spoons running at 3 mph is doing the damage. If you can’t travel to Canada try the 42 line and north out of Avon.

We hope this perch walleye fishing report will help you put more fish in the boat.