Walleye Lake Erie Report: May 2017

Lake Erie walleye fishing is outstanding right now. Here is your pre-weekend walleye Lake Erie report!

Walleye Lake Erie Report

Walleye are scattered and on the move East.  The leading school is in Cleveland and Biting.  There are however some stragglers left on the west end.  Also, look for those smaller walleyes from last year to be hanging around the islands all year.  Most of the anglers are trolling now as the jig bite has mostly passed.  The key right now is to find cleaner water.  Remember, you want to barely see your prop, so transition water will be your best bet.  Crystal clear water will result in long leads and no one likes long leads!  The most productive areas have been on the pinch points of the islands, the shoreline from Huron to Cleveland, and Sandusky Bay mouth.  West and East Kelleys are putting up some good numbers for the limited anglers that made it out. 

Typically this time of year the south passage between Catawba and South Bass and Kelleys and Marblehead are really good, but I cannot confirm that at this time as the water is muddy in those areas.  Most of the close-to-shore action has been at night.   Lorain has been very productive over the past few weeks at night.  As far as baits go P10s, Bandits, and huskys are still ruling as the water temp is still a little cool with all the messed up weather we have been having.  Watch the weather this weekend also, never trust a north wind.  I know it says 1 foot or less, but keep your head on a swivel. We hope the Walleye Lake Erie Report helps you catch more fish.

Perch Fishing

No real reports.  The last report I had was for Fairport and they were getting them just outside the mouth with good size.  Also, there was some talk about Huron a while back but that has dried up.

Lake Erie Smallmouth Fishing

Firstly, remember the season is closed right now, no possession.  The bass is spawning right now in the shallow rocky areas along the shorelines of the mainland and the islands.  Most people are dragging tubes and working drop shots around these areas.  5-15 feet is a good target.  Again, find that clean water and you will do good.  Areas to try are off the airport at Kelleys, the Monument of South Bass, West Reef, and the rocky areas off Green Island.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

They are still in the rivers but not in good numbers. Most have danced and moved out.  There are still some stragglers in the riffles and pools.  You will have to do some walking if you want to get a steelhead this weekend.  Egg sacs and dropper flies would be your best bet.  Also, the deep water a the mouths of the creeks with spoons may produce some fish.

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