Walleye Techniques
Walleye Techniques

As the walleye make their way to Western Lake Erie so do the anglers. There are endless opportunities from now through April in the Western Basin to catch walleye.

Walleye Fishing Rivers:

Detroit River – Detroit river walleye fisherman are doing well already this season. A lot of fish have moved into the system to spawn. Most are jigging with a hair jig or motor city minnow and adding live bait as necessary. The weight depends on the current in the area you are fishing.

Maumee River – The Maumee river walleye run is starting to heat up. Anglers are starting to report more and more limits coming in. The most popular area “buttonwood” is doing great water level wise. Anglers are catching walleye using a 1/2-1 ounce weight in front of a floating jig head. Cast and let it drift down the river, rinse and repeat. The fishing in the river is only going to get better from now through April. Look here for more information Maumee River Walleye

Sandusky River – The walleye have moved into the Sandusky river and the access in Fremont is the spot. Same program as in the Maumee river works in the Sandusky river. There have been some walleye caught this week in the Sandusky and it should only get better.

Walleye Fishing Open Water:

Port Clinton – Most of the ice is gone, only a few burgs are still lurking. The best bite has been in between Green and Rattlesnake, East of West Sister, West Reef, South of South Bass Island, and F Can. Most everyone is trolling right now until the water warms just a bit. The jig bite should start getting good by this weekend. Most anglers that were jigging last weekend were in 20-30 FOW.

Michigan Waters – The hot bite has been out of Bolles Harbor. Walleye have been caught from 100 yards out to as far as your boat can go. Most anglers are targeting fish down 10-15 ft. trolling bandits. The mouth of the Detroit river is hot right now also.

Huron and East – Don’t overlook East of the islands at this time. As fast as the walleye move in the move out. There are fish moving through Vermilion and Huron right now to get to the reefs to do the deed. Once they are done it’s back on the move. Trolling these areas in the spring can mean some big fish!

Perch – The perch are in their spawning areas. I have heard reports from Sandusky bay and the Huron Pier. Some limits coming in from Sandusky Bay.

Smallmouth – Smallmouth are still in deep water just outside the first drop off right now. Look for those fish to start moving up as the water warms a bit. Around the first of April those fish will move up to start looking around. In the spring blade baits and hair jigs work the best. Followed by drop shot, ned rig, and tubes later in April.