Lake Erie Fishing Report: 16 FEB 2017

Fishing Report
Fishing Report

With this weekend’s weather coming up, I figure some fishermen will be out.  Below is your fishing report that should help you catch more fish.

Lake Erie Walleye Report

Fish are still around the Huron area and the mouth of Sandusky Bay.  As far as I know, there are few fish that have made to the West reefs as of this past weekend.  I heard of 2 fish caught west of Catawba State Park this past go-around.  With that being said, here is what you need to know to get on some fish this weekend.  If you are trolling, you need to slow it down.  Use the typical cold water baits:  Bandits, reef 300’s, P10’s, and Husky’s. 

Now, the fish are still deep, they are not coming up like they do when the water is warm.  You will most likely need some trolling weights to get your lures down to the fish.  Most fish being marked are 30 ft. deep.  Speed is anywhere from .8-1.2.  Some success has come by stopping the boat periodically.  What this does is drop your lure if you are using weights, then pick it up real fast, giving it a jigging motion.  Can be deadly at times.  Speaking of jigging, it’s been excellent with a lot of guys having success. 

Finding Active Walleye

Finding active fish is key though, so you need to know how to read your graph.  If you are seeing deep long marks trolling but not getting any hits, you may want to start ripping a blade bait off the bottom with spot lock on or anchored up.  One boat reported releasing over 30 fish doing this out in 39 fow in Huron.  Where are the fish you ask?  Well, they are scattered around the general area of Marblehead, out to about 43 FOW to the East, then back to Huron.  You will need to find the schools of fish that are eating.  One report came in that there were active fish within 1/2 mile of the river mouth, while others were catching around the Cedar Point area. 

This weekend muddy water will play a big role in your success.  The water clarity rule of thumb is you need to just barely see your prop.  If you see crystal clear water, move in, if it’s too dirty move out.  Also, if there is a distinguished mud line, I would stop and fish it. Remember the water is still very cold.  It will kill you in minutes.  Please take the extra time to go through your safety gear if you are heading out on your boat this weekend.  Have fun and catch some fish.

Perch Fishing Report

The only reports I have for perch are off the piers in Fairport, Cleveland, and the Bay Bridge.  I have heard there are active schools of perch in those areas close that are being caught by shore fishermen.  Minnows on the bottom are the ticket.

Steelhead Fishing Report

There are a lot of rivers that are fishing very, very well right now.  The Rocky, Chagrin, and Ashtabula Rivers have fresh runs of fish in them and they are biting.  The key is to find that fresh pod of fish that hasn’t seen 100 egg sacs or flies.  Spin guys are using egg sacs and jig/maggot combos having success in the deep pools.  Fly fishermen are fishing in the same pools but using nymphs and small streamers.  Green seems to be the color these days.  Water is 38 degrees in the Rock, so fish will be sluggish.

Smallmouth:  Pre Spawn smallmouth should be starting to set up.  I know typically this is when the Erie fishermen start to target them if there is open water.  Well, there is open water.  If you are after bass this weekend I would suggest Ruggles Reef in shallow, Perry’s Monument, or the shoreline in Vermilion.  I do not have any reports, but I’m sure someone is out there getting them.

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