Fishing Report for Lake Erie | Sep 2018

As we approach cooler weather the fish will start their transition into the fall migration and patterns.  You know what this means!  The walleye put on the feed bag and the steelhead are coming to a river near you! We hope you enjoy this fishing report for Lake Erie and it helps you catch more fish.

Walleye Fishing Report

The bite has picked back up since the hurricane weather came through.  Eastern Lake Erie still has the larger fish.  In NY waters the state is reporting the cooler water came to the top scattering the fish a bit and you may have to search for them before dropping lines.  I do not have a first-hand report to confirm this.  PA waters and Eastern Ohio around 70 FOW have been great for walleye.  Fast limits on dipsy divers, downriggers, and cranks on 6-ounce snap weights.  You can have the same results in the Cleveland area in a little shallower water.  Huron still has active fish, but seems they have moved over by Cedar Point for some reason.  Just East of the beach about 1-3 miles.  In front of Sawmill Creek has been good also in 30-32 FOW.  What we have found this past week is the schools are moving around day by day chasing food.   Smelt and shad have been in all the bellies of the walleye we have caught the past week.

Perch Fishing Report

There are some perch being caught out East but in spurts.  Target outside break walls the closer you get to fall, they should be coming in to get their meals.  The western basin still has some good schools of perch around.  Sputnik, the Toledo water intake, Lucy’s Point, SE Kelleys, and NE Kelleys have all produced limits this week.  The schools are being picky and moving around so changing presentations and using electronics to find them is key.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Good news is some are hanging around the break walls.  Mostly around Eastern Erie.  Have a confirmed report Steelhead being caught along the breakwalls trolling little cleos from Conny on East.  That is all I know.  A cold front coming this weekend and hope for some cold rain to get us a good push.  Soon, very soon!

Bass Fishing Report

The harbors are still producing some good largemouth fishing.  The smallmouth are still grouped up with 23 ft. being our best depth a couple of days ago.  Focus on the outer edge of reefs and points.   Having structure around was key.  Dropshot was our best presentation with a 4″ zoom shiner. Hopefully this fishing report for Lake Erie helps you catch more fish.