Erie Fishing Report 19 January 2017

Lakeside Beach Marblehead
Lakeside Beach Marblehead

Erie Fishing Report for January 2019. Cannot believe I am writing an open-water fishing report right now…….but here it goes.

Walleye Fishing Report

There are some productive areas with good numbers of Walleye right now.  Trolling last weekend around Catawba yielded little results.  The fish are deep and very lethargic.  Slow speeds and trolling weights are a must.  If you are around Huron 30 ft. is a good starting point to look for marks. Quite a few fish spawn there in the spring so I guess they are getting a head start.  Now let’s move on to the jigging bite.  Yes, there is a jig bite going on right now.  Deep structure is the name of the game.  There are multiple shoals in between Marblehead, Kelley’s, and Catawba. Vibe-e lures are producing the best results.  Also, ice fishing lures tipped with minnows just as you would if the ice was present.  Saturday has the best forecast for this weekend.  South wind and 60 degrees.  

Lake Erie Shore Fishing Report

Shore fishermen have been hitting all of the fall-time shore spots and doing well in this Erie Fishing Report for January.  Midnight and later have been the key times to go.  Remember if you don’t see shad you probably won’t get bit.  Huron Pier, lakeside, Mazurick,  catawba, and all the piers in the bay are good areas to hit from shore.  Please remember the water is still very close to freezing and ice burgs/skim ice could be present.  On your boat, you should have a working radio, cell phone, and all boat safety equipment, where life jackets and a kill switch at all times.  A survival suit would be ideal.

Perch Fishing Report

There were some guys out searching for perch but I do not know if they found any.  This past week there was however a good bite off the Huron pier.

Lake Erie Steelhead

Lake Erie steelhead fishing is starting to pick back up. The rivers are on their way back down and should be in prime shape this weekend.  Egg sacs in the deeper holes and Flys in the tailouts have been producing fish lately. Have fun if you make it out!

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