Walleye Fishing Report: 19 March 2017

Walley Fishing Report
Walley Fishing Report

Well….some cold weather came back and slowed things down just a bit. I would focus on the walleye fishing report.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

There have been scattered reports from around the western end of the lake.  Most guys are still trolling slowly as the water has cooled back down.  I don’t think the fish are sliding up on the reefs just yet.  Huron still seems to be the area most trollers are targeting.  Slow-rolling bandits and P-10s still seem to be the ticket.   Some of the fish are deep still and will require weight to get down to them.  Review the last report if you are new to the snap weight game.  As far as jigging there have been a few scattered reports from the west.   While there was clean water for a while was the best action.  All the regular spawning reefs were the areas targeted.  There are also walleye in the rivers right now, mostly jacks.  Those females won’t be in there till that temp rises just a hair.  Surely this week’s little warmup will get things going. We hope this walleye fishing report helps you catch more fish.

Lake Erie Perch Report

The perch are on structure close to deep water is the word I’m getting.  Target the deep piers and even deep docks in the marinas.  They are in there doing their spawning dance.

Lake Erie Steelhead Report

The fishing has been fantastic lately.  With the rivers in really good shape, it has the fish and fishermen up and at them.  The Grand River was the winner this week.   A lot of good fish and multiple fish days came from there recently.  The rocky being a close second.  Most other rivers and creeks are in really good shape.  Fly fishermen are still using nymphs and streamers.  The bait guys are using minnows and egg sacs.  The minnows are being used on warmer days when the fish are more active.

Lake Erie Smallmouth Report

I have yet to see a smallie report.  Some die-hard bass fishermen were out trying during this little warmup we had, but no report.  I would bet those fish are still in deep winter patterns.  25-40 FOW.

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