Sandusky Fishing Report: 22FEB2017

Sandusky Fishing Report
Sandusky Fishing Report

This past weekend was good, but not so much this week.   With the cold front coming this weekend it may mix things up a bit. Check out this fishing report focusing on Sandusky.

Sandusky Walleye Report

Last weekend was a steady bite, I wouldn’t call it hot, but it was steady.  Most boats were getting 5-10 fish with some more or less.  Most fish were west of Huron toward Cedar Point from 25-40 FOW.  One boat had great success 7 miles north of the river also.  So fish are spread out like crazy.  The hot patterns were perfect 10s and Bandits with weights.  If you don’t know how to fish weights here is a quick little tutorial.  When you see 30/30 in a report it means let out 30 ft. of line, then attach a snap weight, then let out another 30 ft. of line.  Also, some success has been coming with the weight of about 6 ft. in front of the lure.   This will let your lure dive deep at different line lengths than without weight.  If you have the precision trolling manual, it is all laid out in it.  If not some of the charts are available online or by phone apps.  Now, there are walleye coming in heavily to the rivers right now.  They may not have to eat on their mind, that may be why the bite slowed a little.

Here is this week’s tip:  Did you know that most of the walleye spawn IN the bay?  You may want to try at some of the pinch points in the bay jigging or troll outside of the restricted zones.  There are a lot of rock piles in the bay, you just have to find them.  The restriction starts March 1st with the limit drop.  You cannot use more than one hook on a line from 1/4 mile east of the railroad bridge in the bay.  To the East of that 1/4 mile restriction line, you can troll like normal.

Perch Report

Perching from shore is starting to pick up.  Huron Pier and the Old Bay Bridge are pretty popular right now.  I have one report from Cleveland last weekend that boated 45 perch just outside 72nd Street.

Smallmouth Report

I did not receive any reports.  If you know of anything please post on the Facebook page.

Steelhead Report

This is your chance to have double-digit days right now.  The rivers are in great shape and there are a lot, I mean a lot of fish in the system right now.  The Grand is shaping up to have a very productive weekend as long as these storms stay away.  Most anglers are targeting the deep holes still.  No fish that I know of are trying to get on the gravel.  Soon that will change I’m sure.  The bait of choice is still spawn for the pinners and casters.  Fly guys/girls are hooking up with crystal meth in green/orange and bead head nymphs. For the Sandusky fishing report, a good place to try near there is Cold Creek Trout Camp.

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