Lake Erie Fishing Report 24 April 2022

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie Fishing Report for the Week of 24 April 2022. Spring fishing is in full swing.

Walleye: Before the report, check out our Cold Water Safety article. With most of the walleye being post-spawn, locations vary depending on the quality of fish you want to catch. Some females, but mostly males, are still on top of the reefs. Quick limits can be had jigging in 10-20 FOW (or more shallow) using a Hair Jig or Vibe “E” style bait. Short rips on the bait will trigger a bite. The specific reefs/shoals to try are Mouse, Starve, Clinton, American Eagle, and West Reef.

A lot of fish have started moving East and are feeding heavily. Reports are coming in from Huron (40 FOW), Lorain (The lighthouse and dump), and Cleveland (Edgewater to 72nd Street). The bigger fish seem to be hanging from Avon to the East side of Cleveland. Other specific areas that have a lot of fish are the Cedar Point Dump, NW Kelley’s Island, East Side of the Vermilion River, and East Side of the Black River. There are fish shallow and deep in those locations.

Perch: This Lake Erie Fishing Report includes Perch, however, we do not have a first hand report. From what we know the perch bite remains good in NY waters and Presque Isle Bay. Perch assassins and crappie rigs tipped with whole or partial emeralds are getting most of the bites.

Steelhead: With the warmer weather, the river steelhead run is coming to a close. You can still catch some late bloomers, but the majority are leaving the rivers. There is a good opportunity in the next couple weeks to troll just outside the stocked rivers and catch steelhead. Troll any Crankbait that is chrome or orange. You can also troll spoons such as little cleo’s.

Bass: Largemouth are being caught in the harbors as they make their way in to stage for spawning. Swimbaits and Spinnerbaits are doing good where the water temperature is higher. Smallmouth fishing has been good for about the last 3 weeks and will only get better. Smallmouth can be found from 5 to 20 FOW using crankbaits, Dropshot, and Tube Baits. Look for areas with steep dropoffs and boulders. A lot of anglers are catching smallmouth while jigging for walleye. They are hanging around the same areas.