Spawning Walleye Fishing Report | Mar 2019

spawning walleye
spawning walleye

Where do we start? So much good fishing going on right now for Walleye, Steelhead, Perch, and Bass. Hopefully, this spawning walleye fishing report helps you catch more fish. The walleye are on the reefs and in the rivers!

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

The best walleye fishing in the world is happening right now in the western basin of Lake Erie and its tributaries. The walleye are on the reefs, in the bay, and in the rivers doing their annual dance. Anglers are having the best luck trolling in the western basin. Anglers are having the best luck trolling bandits (unassisted at 55 back) and P10s (assisted at 20/20 and 20/10). The depth of presentation depends on the time of day and sun/cloud cover. The best trolling bites have been on West Reef, F Can, Starve Island, Mouse Island, and Brest Bay.

Although it’s not Lake Erie, the Detroit River is on fire right now on the Canadian side. The jig bite has been happening since before the ice was gone. Ice anglers started it and the boat anglers will finish it in May. The most productive spots this past weekend were Toussaint Reef, Locust Reef, Crane Reef, and Flat Rock Reef. Hair jigs, blade baits, and jigging raps were doing their best. With or without minnows it didn’t matter. Nice mixed grade of fish being caught. Just a note that this weekend it was 50/50 spawned out fish for us. I would say if you want that chance at a trophy you better get out there now. No doubt more fish will move up as the water temp rises, but if we have good weather just go.

Spawning Walleye Fishing Report

The rivers are plum full of walleye right now and the wading fisherman are grabbing up their share of walleye. The two most popular rivers are the Maumee and Sandusky rivers. Both rivers offer access however be cautious when wading as the water is in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s. The most productive setup is a floating jig rigged Carolina style with an egg weight. The weight of the eggsinker depends on the current for that specific day. We like to use an eighteen to twenty-four-inch leader. If you do hit the rivers be respectful to other anglers, pick up your trash, and have fun.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Speaking of the rivers being plum full, steelhead are stacked right now waiting to do their spring dance. The recent rains and warming trend have brought in the masses. Fish are being found all over the system. There are some early staged fish on the rocks, but most fish are holding just ahead or behind in the runs. Egg sacs are doing the best followed by egg patterns for the fly guys. As the water warms up look for minnows and streamers to start producing. The fish will usually be in the system the entire month of April into the first week of May.

Perch Fishing Report

We don’t have too many perch reports since the walleye fishing is out of control right now. The few perch that are being caught are around North Bass Island and Middle Bass Islands.

Lake Erie Bass Fishing Report

We do not have a report for largemouth bass as of yet. We do have smallmouth reports. The smallmouth are still a little deeper on the outer edges of the reefs. Fish tend to hang outside of the reefs as well, at 25 feet. Drop shot rig with a 4″ shiner imitation was the bait of choice. As the water warms in the next few weeks look for those fish to move up quickly. Once they move up you can fish jerk baits and tubes in about 9-12 fow in close to the shores of the islands. At the Eastern end of Lake Erie, the fish are still a little deeper as it takes a bit longer for the water to warm up. Not to mention there is still ice present on the East end. Fish should start stacking up outside Presque Isle Bay soon.