Lake Erie Fishing Report 26 OCT 2022

Boat Rod Holders
Boat Rod Holders

The weather has calmed and the fish are biting. Before the report, remember the water is getting colder by the day. Make sure your boat has the proper safety equipment, wear your life jacket, and follow the navigation laws. Check out our article Cold water safety on Lake Erie.

Below is your Lake Erie Fishing Report

Walleye: Cleveland to Huron has been the hot area this past week. There are small and big pods of fish scattered throughout. Although some fish are coming in closer at night, the hot bite remains offshore as the walleye make their way West. The ability to mark fish at high speed is key to finding those active schools right now. The water temperature is around 54 degrees depending on the are you are fishing. Below is a more detailed walleye Lake Erie Fishing Report.

Cleveland – Fish remain in small pods scattered at different depths. Reports came in from 42 fow all the way to 62 fow. The key is to find those pods and stay on them. Most fisherman are running Bandits in this area, with a few still using dipsy/spoons before the water cools. Pay attention to the depth you are marking fish and target above those marks. If the fish are deeper, assisting your lure with a snap weight is a must for success. Otherwise you are not getting to the fish.

Lorain/Beaver – Walleye are scattered across this are as well. There are reports of good fishing North of the dumping grounds using assisted Bandits and Husky Jerks.

Vermilion/Huron – This area has excellent fishing right now. It seems like the walleye are really piling up. Reports vary from 42 fow to 50 fow, with 46 fow being the most productive. Again, the good fishing remains offshore. Most fisherman are using Bandits and Husky Jerks to target walleye at various depths. Reports show that the walleye are at different depths and it depends on the day. It is up to you to find fish and target those specific depths.

Perch: Perch fishing is the best it’s been all year right now. In the Western Basin anglers are fishing Marblehead Lighthouse, SW Kelley’s Island, NW Kelley’s Island, and in front of the Lakeside Marblehead Pier. Crappie Rigs, Perch Pounder II, and Carolina Rigs are all effective in catching perch in these areas. Over the past week letting the rig lay flat on the bottom has produced the most fish. An abundance of shiners are in the area and most bait shops have them in stock daily with an average price of 5$ per scoop. In the Central Basin, Huron and Vermilion have been producing the biggest perch this fall. Although the average size is bigger, depending on the area you fish the limit might only be 10/day/angler. Check the Ohio Fishing Regulations for further clarification on the areas and limits.

Smallmouth/Largemouth: The bass fishing has been outstanding this fall. Good fishing for Largemouth has been reported around Catawba Island and in the marinas. One angler reported catching over 40 bass in East Harbor this past weekend. Smallmouth have grouped up in their normal fall feeding areas. The shoals with access to deep water are holding smallmouth right now. This past weekend the best depths were 17-20 fow using Dropshots.