Erie Fishing Report December 2016

Lake Erie Modis
Lake Erie Modis

Lake Erie Fishing Report December 2016.  Learn what fish are being caught and the locations. Walleye, Perch, and Steelhead. The latest Lake Erie MODIS image is featured. 

Walleye Erie Fishing Report

NO ICE!  Some boat anglers made it out trolling this week.  Most went out of Huron as the duck hunters cleared a path for them to get out.  The bite has slowed a little bit since the fall brawl ended, probably due to the cold water temps.  Most action was around 1 mph and with stick baits (perfect 10’s, bandits, and huskys). Adding weights will enable the baits to dive deeper than expected, giving the advantage of reaching deep walleye. Anglers caught the walleye around the dumping grounds.  There is a nice grade of fish there. Now, with the warming temps and ice that was there just about gone, you may want to give casting at night a try again.  Those walleye still gotta eat you know.  Some popular spots are Edgewater Park, Battery Park, lakeside, Mazurics, and Catawba State Park.

Perch Erie Fishing Report

Some guys got out on the early ice that covered Sandusky Bay the past couple of weeks.  They were pulling in the usual 9″ perch the bay gives up.  Even in some of the harbors, there were perch under the docks.  Whites Landing is a trendy spot for ice fishing the bay.  Always do your homework before heading out.  There are springs out there that eat the ice and you can put yourself in danger real quick.  Lastly, we don’t have to worry about ice for a while now.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Steelhead has been good this fall into early winter, in the Erie fishing report for December we cover all areas.  With the recent rains, the creeks are coming down nicely and some already have that favored green tint.  Winter patterns include egg sacs under a float, jig, and maggots, and for the fly guys bead head nymphs.  The vermilion, rocky, chagrin, and conny should all have plenty of fish in them right now.  We just need to get to fishable levels as far as flow.

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