April Lake Erie Fishing: 2022

Lake Erie Fishing Report
Lake Erie Fishing Report

Despite the muddy water, Walleye Fishing continues to be HOT! Below is your early April Lake Erie Fishing Report!

Where and How to Catch Lake Erie Walleye

Water temperatures across all areas were 38-40 degrees. Anywhere from Huron to Michigan waters produced fish this weekend. In the West, jigging seemed to be picking up as anglers caught walleye on Crib, Toussaint, and Niagara Reefs using hair jigs. Green worked early, then purple later in the day. Some had success jigging deeper water toward the islands as well in 20-30 FOW.

Trolling for Lake Erie Walleye

Trolling success varied. Most were working the mud lines from Huron to the reef complex. Lots of big fish were caught and all still seemed to have their eggs. The best presentations were anything chrome in a Walleye Deep Bandit, Husky Jerk, or Smithwick P10. The P10s were assisted and the best lead was 20/20 – 30/30 w/ 2 oz. Speeds were 1.2 -1.5 Mph. Sharp turns and stops seemed to trigger more bites. Some of the hot areas were North of the reef complex and on the East side of Kelley’s Island.

Presque Isle Bay: We need to include a report for Presque Isle Bay as the Perch fishing has been outstanding the last week. Boat or Shore, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of perch roaming around the Bay. The best presentation has been a Sabiki Rig or drop shot tipped with shiners on the bottom. Lots of limits being caught.

Maumee and Sandusky River Walleye Runs

Both rivers are producing walleye. The temperatures are still a little cold though. It will only get better as the temperatures warm in the next few weeks. We have some rain coming this week that will muddy up the water so be aware of that. You can check the river gauge HERE. The best presentation for river walleye this time of year is a floating jig head/twister tail attached to the 2 ft. leader with a 1-ounce weight. The weight size will vary with how strong the current is. You can read more about the river runs in THIS article.

We are still waiting for the weather to stabilize so fishermen can get out multiple days in a row. Right now it’s a day here and there. This coming week we have some rain and wind moving back in. As the weather calms down this month, look for more frequent reports here. Make sure you sign up for our email list on the homepage to get notified of new Lake Erie Fishing Reports.