Fishing Reports Lake Erie | 6 April 2018

Well, the weather is still not cooperating, but that is not stopping people from fishing.  The water surface temp is hovering around the 42-degree mark. Check out the fishing reports for Lake Erie below.

Walleye Fishing Reports for Lake Erie

Find the transition or clean water if you troll.  That has been the key since all this weather stuff has been going on.  If you are jigging, it’s not that important to have clean water as the fish are thick in those areas.

If you are after that spring trophy, now is the time to get out and give it a go.  There is a good mixture of pre and post spawn walleye around the islands and on the reefs right now.  If you troll hit the chute areas where the walleye will be coming and going from.  Some of these areas include Mouse Island, Starve Island, Marblehead, and North of North Bass Island.  If you can find clean water around one of the reefs you can try trolling on the outside edge also.  Bandits, Husky Jerks, and Weighted P10s are still dominating.

The jig bite is on despite the terrible weather.  Pick a reef and start jigging.  Purple hair jigs and Vibe-E’s are the way to go.  Vertical jigging is still the best method in the past couple of years.  On the days we get good weather guys are pulling limits pretty quickly.  Niagara, Clinton, and Toussaint reefs are usually good spots to try.

The Maumee and Sandusky rivers are now loaded with walleye.  We are at the peak or a couple of days from it.  Limits by 9 am are becoming the norm.  Floating jigs with an 18-24 inch fluorocarbon leader.  The water clarity is about nothing and the water temp is 43.  The water is still high from all the rain, be prepared and use caution.

Perch Fishing Report

There have been some perch caught off of the Huron and Lorain piers this week.  Nice size to them too.  Shiners fished on a perch rig near the bottom.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Some of the smaller creeks have cleared up already.  Once the main rivers clear up this should be the best steelhead fishing we have seen all year.  Look for the spawners to be in the gravel and the dropbacks to be holding in the pools following the gravel.  Egg sacs and egg imitations are going to be the way to go.