The walleye are on the move and anglers are staying on top of them. The offshore steelhead bite is on plus perch in the Western basin are on fire.

Walleye – The walleye have made their way East. Easy limits are being had at Buoy 45005, Lorain North of the dump, Cleveland in 60+ fow, Ashtabula about 5 miles north of the river, and Erie PA is starting to pickup. The fish out deep have mostly been about 30 ft. deep. Deep diving cranks assisted with weights are working good. Also the usual dipsy diver #1 with a spoon of your choice is working. There are some resident walleye hanging in close on the rocky shorelines if you don’t feel like making a long run out to get fish. As September nears look for the shore bite to pick up substantially.

Perch – The western basin has been yielding some nice fast limits of perch the past month. Fish from the Toledo water intake to the Green Buoy at Catawba. Some fish are being taken up by Green Island and also Taco Bell Buoy. There are also some nice schools of perch out by Ashtabula around the first and second humps.

Steelhead – While walleye fishing a lot of anglers are tangling with steelhead offshore. The fish are hanging out chasing bait in 60+ fow. If targeting just steelhead orange spoons behind dispy divers at 2.5 mph should do the trick. As September roles closer look for the Eastern fish in NY and PA to start staging to make their annual run. Fishing in front of the rivers during this time and be a blast.

Smallmouth – The fish are out deep in wolf packs. Some fish have been caught early morning up shallow but that bite does not last long. If you are looking for a consistent bite you need to be in 17-30 fow on structure. Look for tight schools on your graph. Drop shots with a minnow imitation or darter have been working. Remember, if you find one there are always more close by. You might have to chase the school around a bit but they can be fun when they are grouped up in August.