Lake Erie April Report: 7 April 2017

lake erie april report
lake erie april report

Below is your Lake Erie April Report. Here we go!

Walleye Lake Erie April Report

This past week was hit or miss with the weather, but the fishermen were out.  The spring and fall are what walleye fishermen live for and we are in the middle of it.  Mother Nature may have other plans for this weekend, but the best is yet to come.  Trollers did well the past 2 weeks fishing outside of the reefs and funnels to the spawning grounds.  By funnels, I mean points that the walleye have to go around like Marblehead, starve, mouse, and Kelleys.  These are key areas during the heavy migration times.  Boats are still trolling slowly and with bandits, P10s, husky jerks, and reef runners.  As the water warms up this coming week trollers will be able to speed it up a notch. 

Walleye Jigging

Jigging for walleye has been pretty good too, and is only going to get better as the days get warmer and the wind lays down.  The jigging crowd has been focusing on the mouths of rivers, the reefs, and Sandusky Bay.  Blade baits and purple jigs are dominating.  The Maumee has been on FIRE this past week and is at its peak as far as activity.  Fishermen were shoulder to shoulder this past week getting limits in just a couple of hours.  Same with the boats jigging the river.  The real problem is the rain we got this past week made the river rise and it is almost unfishable.  There are only a couple of spots where people can fish when the water is this high.  Please use caution if you are heading up to the river as it will swallow you and may not even chew.

Now if you are planning on heading up this weekend please be aware that the lake is MUD right now and the majority of folks will struggle to catch fish.  You won’t see many veterans out this weekend because they know what a big wind does to the lake.  Also, on Sunday a lot of people are planning on heading out because it has forecast a South wind…..but did you see it said 20 out of the south?  Once you get 1 mile off shore it’s gonna be rolling.  Keep these things in mind.

Perch Report

Not much going on with all the attention on walleye.  Around Huron Pier there has been some activity though….hint hint.

Smallmouth Report

Smallies are starting to be active.  However with the mud now they will be hard to catch.  They have been staging just outside the spawning grounds in about 15 feet.  Drop shots, tubes, and deep cranks have been getting the bites this past week.

Steelhead Lake Erie April Report

As soon as the rivers shape back up from the rain, it will be game on.  Before the blow, there was very fast action as the rivers were starting to fill with spring spawners.  Egg sacs, streamers, and nymphs are producing the most bites.  Look for the dropbacks in the deep pools outside the riffles.  Those will be your feeding aggressive fish!

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