Summer Walleye Fishing Report | JUN 2O19

It’s been a fun spring and now we are getting into summer and the fishing is nothing short of extraordinary. Watch the weather this weekend. The weekend might be rough leading into Monday’s front. Below is your summer walleye fishing report.

Summer Walleye Fishing Report

Michigan to NY walleye are being caught in different stages of feeding and migration. In Ohio, the big fish have moved East for the most part and are being caught from Cleveland to Conny. Erie, PA just started to pick up as well. Lots of big fish inside 50′ feeding on bait. In Buffalo outside of the river has been very good trolling and casting. In the warmer western water dipsy divers and spoons are ruling as they are yielding fast limits of 22″ and under fish. 30-35 FOW in Huron has been really good. Bandits pulled behind planer boards from 15 to 150 back are also catching fish. In PA and NY worm harnesses and crankbaits pulled a little slower are catching fish. As the water warms up that way the bite should pick up substantially.

Perch Fishing Report

Perch is not the main focus of charter clients and private owners. There are just too many walleye they can’t resist. However, when perch are being targeted it’s been easy pickings. There is a large school that has been hanging around Green Island but you have to use electronics to stay on them. A few hours and done is the norm as you follow the schools around. Lorain and Cleveland have also been good on the headboats and for private fishermen. It’s the same deal in the East, use your electronics to stay in the schools.

Bass Fishing Report

On fire! 5-15 FOW around the islands and the rocky shorelines from Michigan to NY. In Michigan and Ohio waters the bass we found last weekend were shallow and we had to be right up against the shoreline of the islands to catch them. Further East the bass are in different stages right now, some deep and some shallow. Tubes dragged on the bottom and dropshot darters caught most of our fish.