Lake Erie Fall Fishing Report | 7 Oct 2018

Lake Erie Fall Fishing
Lake Erie Fall Fishing

With the fall derby approaching the walleye are setting up in their typical fall spots.  What we weren’t expecting is the night casting bite to pick up this early. Below is your Lake Erie Fall Fishing Report!

Lake Erie Fall Fishing Report

Walleye Fishing Report

East – Cattaraugus Creek and to the west has been excellent in 70-90 FOW with worm harnesses and crankbaits run in the 60 ft. range.   Walnut creek has fantastic numbers of walleye at the moment in around 65-75 FOW trolling dipsys with spoons and unassisted reef runners.  Bula and Conny have some fish hanging around 60 ft. down over 75 FOW.  Again, trolling dipsys is king.

Central – Cleveland and Lorain are hot.  There are some big schools of good sized fish on the Canadian line North of both places.   Dipsys and spoons are taking most of the fish.  There are also some fish hanging around in 72-73 FOW, again troll dipsys.  There are some active fish around Huron also, in close and around 35 FOW around the dump.  Spoons and dispys or assisted bandits are doing the damage.

Western – There are a lot of fish just outside cedar point right now.  Also Kelleys island and the Canadian border out by West Sister island.  Crankbaits and spoons have been the ticket.  A lot of small fish in the 2-3 lb. range.

Perch Fishing Report

East – Cattaraugus Creek has some large schools of perch hanging around right now in 50-60 FOW.  Ashtabula has some nice perch out around 60-70 FOW in front of the river.

Central – It’s been slow from what I have gathered.  There have been some reports of Cleveland and Lorain having some small roaming schools around.  Sorry but that’s all I have for that area.

Western – This is where you want to be.  Stoney Point 25 FOW, L Can, Starve Island, and Rattlesnake all have some good perch reports coming in.  Some fish are being caught off the piers and in Sandusky bay also.  Don’t be afraid to try all the places in between.  The fall bite is on in the Western basin.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Eastern – The recent rains and lake level rising has pushed the fish into the creeks and filled up the mouths of the rivers.  Right now you can troll, cast, or wade and get fish.  Catt is getting loaded up every day.  The creeks around PA are not getting the big push yet.  They need a big blowout to get that big push of fish.

Central – The fish are starting to stage and the trollers and breakwall fisherman are getting their share of steelhead.  E55th, Lorain Pier, and Huron Pier are all good places to try from shore.  The trollers are in the river out to about 20 FOW trolling spoons or chrome crankbaits.

Western – Not happening yet, the very few fish they do get on the West end.  There are only a few stocked streams in Ohio waters, I would focus on them.

Sorry no bass report, we have not been out since early September.  I am sure there are some fish moving up as the water cools down from the rains.  This cold front coming next weekend should get them fired up. Hopefully this Lake Erie Fall Fishing Report helps you catch more fish.