Lake Erie Fish Report | April 2019

For the latest reports click on our Lake Erie Fishing Report Page. The walleye fishing has been out of this world the past week with good weather and plenty of fish to be had. The trend has not been if you catch them, it’s how big. Anyone can catch a walleye these days as we have had good hatches the past few years. Now is the time to get the youth out and get them hooked on fishing! Lastly, Below is your Lake Erie Fish Report.

Lake Erie Fish Report

Walleye Fishing Report

All of the reefs West, East, South, and North are loaded up with walleye spawning. The bait of choice has been a jig tipped with a shiner. The most popular jigs are a 1/2 – 3/4 hair jig. For example, Short bounces off of the bottom have been key to getting bit. 6-20 FOW over structure have been the areas producing the most fish. Below are the coordinates and names of the most productive reefs for jigging. If you don’t see your favorite rocky area listed, don’t worry there are probably walleye on it too.

Trolling Walleye Report

The trolling bite has been just as good. Troll outside of the spawning areas (Detroit River, Maumee Bay, Niagara River, and Sandusky Bay). Find the pinch points where the walleye will migrate back East or out into deeper water. Good pinch points are North Bass, Mouse Island, Pelee Island, and the mouth of the rivers. Bandits, Husky Jerks, and Reef Runners are doing most of the damage. Troll high in the water column in the morning and deeper as the sun gets high. The fish are in big concentrations right now. When you find a couple you can usually limit out in a short time. There has been a nice mix of pre and post-spawn fish being caught. Look for it to shift to mostly post-spawn in a week or two. Lastly, If you are looking for that wall hanger, now is the time.

River Walleye Fishing Report

The Maumee and Sandusky rivers are still both full of walleye. Floating jigs Carolina rigged are getting most of the fish. Fishable conditions are hard to come by right now though with the rain fluctuating the rivers. One individual already had to be rescued this season. Most importantly, Be careful, wear a life jacket, and wader belt, and know how to read a flow chart before you go.

Perch Fishing Report

Perch are being caught in 30-45 FOW around the islands right now in good numbers and size. Kelleys Island is the hot spot to be. Minnows fished on a crappie setup or drop shot rig are working the best. Lastly, Perch spreaders seem to be a thing of the past now.

Steelhead Fishing Report

With spring here and the rains, the steelhead are in thick. Some very nice fish have hit the nets this week. As the water warms look for the fish to try and spawn on the gravel. The sportsman thing to do is leave the spawning fish alone and go for the dropbacks. The heads of the pools and riffles are holding fish. Accordingly, Use nymphs, egg imitations, and real egg sacs to get these fish to hit. The fishing is easy right now and should stay that way into early May.

Bass Fishing Report

The marinas and breakwalls are holding pre-spawn largemouth. Jigs, rattle traps, square bills, spinner baits, and senkos have all caught fish this past week. Smallmouth are up in the shallow water getting ready to dance soon. Lots of walleye fishermen catch smallmouth by accident. Smallmouths are around the islands and shoals in 10-25 FOW. Look for the smallmouth to all be shallow in the coming weeks to early June for the spawn. Lastly, Please read the new rules on Lake Erie bass as they have changed.