Lake Erie Report January 2017

Lake Erie Report
Lake Erie Report

A brief Lake Erie report is below. The weather took a turn and some shore fisherman made it out.

Walleye Lake Erie Report

Nothing is going on in the main lake at this time.  There was some brief activity between the last report and this one.  Some shore fishermen did very well before the cold made some ice.  They were limiting out in Huron, Sandusky, and Lorain off of the piers.  Now this is a hint for the week to come.  Look at the forecast, the ice will soon be gone again.  Shore fisherman and I’m sure some boats will be out.  The key will be to slow down your presentation.  The water is just above freezing.

Perch Fishing Report

Some ice fishermen made it out to some docks and further in Sandusky Bay.  Most of the docks had some perch with crappie mixed in. If the Huron pier has open water, some perch like to hang around that area because of the depth. Fish a spreader right off the side of the pier. There is deep water there that holds fish.

Lake Erie Steelhead Report

The rivers locked up pretty well from this last cold spell we had.  Before the cold fish were found in the deeper pools upstream.  The fish seemed to make another push before the cold also.  Look for this to repeat itself later this week after the rivers come back down from the rain.  Egg sacs and nymphs still seem to be the hottest right now.  The more natural your drift the better.  These fish are lethargic right now.

Safety:  I’m sure everyone heard about the rescue out of Huron last week.  Long story short this is why we talk about safety this time of year.  That water will kill you fast.  Also remember, no ice is safe.

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