Fishing Report Lake Erie | Jun 2020

fishing report lake erie
fishing report lake erie

Wow has it been a while? Now that things are semi-normal (well not really) we would like to give everyone the latest fishing report. Fishing has been hot to say the least. Below is your Fishing Report for Lake Erie for June 2020.

Fishing Report Lake Erie

Walleye Fishing Report

All methods to catch walleye are working right now. With great results. Spoons, cranks, spinners, and casting. The areas producing fishing this past week have been the Toledo intake, South of Green Island, West Kelleys to South Bass Monument, Huron to Cleveland (Hot), Ashtabula, Walnut Creek, East PA, and Buffalo NY. If you want bigger fish you have to chase the migrating schools. There are some nice fish making their way through Cleveland right now (45-65 fow). Speeds are anywhere from 1.8 to 2.5. In some cases a little higher. Crankbaits that have been working are bandits, husky jerks, and reef runners. Spoons and Spinners with purple on them have been working well. Casting harnesses with a single hook and Colorado blade have been producing fish as well. Expect a lot of sheephead if you are tipping with crawlers. The shore anglers have been doing really well into the night. Evening hours and morning hours have been producing fish. Huron pier, Edgewater, and East 72nd have been producing fish.

Perch Fishing Report

The perch fishing on the Eastern end of the lake has been on fire. Big jumbos are being taken out of Eastern PA and into NY waters out of the Cat. When looking for marks some of the perch have been suspended so be aware. Finesse rigs tipped with shiners have been the best bait. There should be good fishing out of Buffalo at this time also but we do have a report.

Steelhead Fishing Report

The steelhead should be in their offshore locations by now. We do not have a report as of yet because too many people are still walleye fishing. The typical areas this time of year are about 11 miles north of Avon point and about 6-7 miles straight out of Conny or Ash. PA waters are your best bet though, they stock way more fish than Ohio.

Bass Fishing Report

Largemouth are on fire in the harbors. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon have been key on the South Shore. On the North Shore, the fish should be around all day as the water is cooler. Likewise for the Far East. Smallmouth are in their usually aggressive post-spawn behavior on the South Shore. They are being found Shallow early and out in about 20 Fow following. There may be some shallow fish all day around the North East and North shores of the Lake.

If you have questions or comments feel free to comment on our Facebook page under this link. Hopefully, you enjoyed this Fishing Report Lake Erie.