Walleye Fishing Report Lake Erie: July 2017

Well, things are going better than expected out there mid-summer. We try and keep reports current during the summer months. For the most up-to-date reports visit our fishing reports page. Below is your walleye fishing report for Lake Erie.

Walleye Fishing Report Lake Erie

West end – There are still some walleye hanging around the “washing machine”.  The area between Catawba, South Bass, and Kelley’s.  Troll worm harnesses or drift and cast.  Both are producing.  Still sorting through a lot of shorts.  Canada however, is where it’s at on the west end right now.  The best area has been the East side of Hen Island and her chicks.  Below is a picture if you are unfamiliar with this area.  Still, a lot of shorts there, but some nice ones are hanging out.  Anything with a worm on it will catch them.

Central – Walleye fishing from Huron to Geneva is doing well.  In Huron, the dump is the hot spot right now.  There are a lot of walleye hanging around.  Worm harnesses are the ticket.  2 oz. 60-80 back @ 2.0 mph.  Lorain has some eyes hanging in between the sandbar and dump.  Cranks run deep, like 30 ft. deep, and have been doing the damage.  Harnesses are catching them also, but you have to pick through junk to get the eyes.  In Geneva, dipsy divers and meat or spoons are set from 100 – 155 ft. back depending on the setting.  With a 0 run 100, with a 3 run 155.

East end – There is a lot of action in the evenings along the coast on the East end.  As the sun slips away the walleye will come up shallow to feed.  This is the best time to be out over there.  Don’t get me wrong you can get them in the daytime, but you need to be out deep and find the roaming packs.  The easiest way to catch them is in the evening when they are staging.  Cranks and harnesses run shallower than you would in the daytime and will get you a bit.  If you need to fish in the morning run out to at least 50 fow and run dispy’s.  Read above, same program as Geneva. We hope you found some useful information in this walleye fishing report for Lake Erie.

Perch Fishing Report Lake Erie

Perch are being caught all over, but the West end takes the cake.  There are large schools of hungry perch around Lakeside, B Can, the buoy of Catawba State Park, Green Island, and North of Rattlesnake Island.  Shiners are in a shortage right now, but goldies and worms are working just as well.

Steelhead Fishing Report Lake Erie

The steelhead are schooled shore and it is a bloodbath right now.  Wheatley is on fire and so is the 40 – 41 line out of Avon.  Dipsy’s and spoons run at a minimum of 2.0 mph……I like to run them at almost 3 mph to cover the ground.  Once you find a school try and stay on them.  There are lots of fish out there right now.

Bass Fishing Report Lake Erie

The smallmouth have moved just a little deeper.  15 – 25 feet off of the spawning grounds.  The islands have still been the most productive areas.  Pelee has started to fire up also.  The South end where all the shallow humps are is a good area to target.  Largemouth are in their normal areas in the marinas.  Pick a dock and throw a Senko at it, set the hook and you are good.  You can catch all the 2 lbs you want.