Fishing Report Lake Erie: Oh | Pa | Mi | NY Jun 2017

Here is your fishing report for Lake Erie for the past couple of weeks and fishing has been pretty good all around. Our most recent reports can be found on our fishing report page.

Ohio Lake Erie Fishing Report

Walleye have been on the move East like crazy.  There are still a few big fish around the Vermilion/Lorain area, however.  The most productive areas have been the 29/29 area, the buoy, NE Kelleys, West of the Huron Pier, 5 miles north of Vermilion, 2 miles north of Lorain, the Gold Coast (really good), and 7 miles north of Geneva (steelies mixed in).  The further East you go the deeper the fish.  Worm harnesses are the best bait right now pulled at any speed up to 2.5 mph.  If you are a crank guy run reef runners.  Blade colors are pinks and purples, cranks are white with purple/pink.  The shorts are driving everyone nuts right now, but please be careful putting them back in the water.  That is our future.  Also, keep in mind a 15″ fish will shrink on ice.  If it’s close throw it back. Consider hiring a walleye charter if you are having trouble finding or catching fish.

Steelhead are starting to school up offshore.  We usually start trolling around the 40 lines, that and North is a good place to try. Smallies are on fire right now.  Close to shore around the islands.  They are spawning and post-spawning right now.  If you find a wolf pack it will most likely wear you out.  Remember the season opens back up tomorrow so you may keep 5 over 14″ as well as largemouth. Perch are scattered, but slowly schooling up.  Green Island, Metzger, and NW of Kelleys all had schools of perch hanging around this past week.  Goldies and emeralds.  I heard the bait shop in Huron has emeralds as of now, do not know the status further west.

Michigan Lake Erie Fishing Report

The only walleye report I have is from around Sputnik and West.  There are a lot of short walleye out there, but if you can weed through them there are 20″ eaters mixed in.  Worm harnesses are dominating. Smallmouths are still on the shallow rocks.  There are some nice rock piles off the east side of all the ports in MI.  Also, try the deep-break walls, should be holding some spawning or post-spawn fish. Perch are holding on to the sand flats close to the walleye.  Shiners on the bottom have been the best.

Pennsylvania Fishing Report

Walnut Creek is heating up right now.  Some good fish are being caught just west and just east straight north of the river.  Divers with worm harnesses and stick baits are doing the damage.  There are steelhead mixed in also.  If you want to target steelhead run spoons instead, they will wear you out. Smallies are still in the bay and aggressive.  The deeper areas seem to be more productive right now, but some remain up shallow spawning too.  Tubes and drop shots are doing the damage. There are some good schools of perch around the nut and presque isle in and out.  Golden shiners and emeralds are the ticket if you can find them.  The key lately to catching good amounts is to run around and mark them.

New York Lake Erie Fishing Report

Walleye are in close still.  There have been some shorts mixed in with the keepers.  Worm harness and stick baits are just like everywhere else on Lake Erie right now.   Inline weights have been out-producing the divers, but divers still taking fish also.   Target the 40 – 60 FOW area. Cattaraugus Creek was the hot perch bite this past week, but not sure about the status of that right now.  I heard they moved on, but you never know. Smallies are still on the rocks and playing big time.  If you find a school hold on!  Tubes and drop shots.