Fishing Report for Lake Erie| Jun 2018

Fishing is the best it has been in years on the big lake.  Be careful if you head out this weekend as we have some storms and North winds coming again.   Us weekend warriors can’t catch a break. Below is this month’s fishing report.

Walleye Fishing Report

The bite remains very good from South Bass to Kelleys Island.  Fast limits trolling and drifting in the area of American Eagle Shoal and the South Passage.  Huron is also firing some good fish right now.  from 38 FOW into 18 FOW on the rocks.  There are some nice fish mixed in with the small ones.  Cleveland has fish in close by the Breakwall out to about a mile.  Avon is hot right now and is holding some big fish.  No need to run very far in the central basin.  The Far East around PA and NY is seeing some resident fish caught, but still waiting on the big migration to head there.  The resident fish are close to 50 FOW and shallower.  Michigan waters remain good for keeper-size walleye out of Luna Pier and East.  The Canadian side of the islands has heated up along with the weather.  The wheel and around Pelee are doing well for the drifters in the area.

Hot baits are bandits, reef runners, spoons/dispys, and harnesses.  Troll as fast as you can go with the lures you are using.  We hooked most of our fish going 2.0 mph on turns.  I would look for the bite to change in the next couple of weeks as we are seeing some god-awful bug hatches show up.  You might have to change your tactics just a hair because the walleye will be full 24/7.

Perch Fishing Report.

No report for the West end yet as most are chasing walleye right now.  However, the central basin has some nice schools of perch along the Canadian line where the netters are and out in front of the Gold Coast.  The fact that the perch are in Cleveland again is a good sign, hopefully, they will stick around.  You can catch them right outside the marinas right now.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

I added steelhead to this report as the bite should be heating up in the next couple of weeks.  If you are new to trolling for steelhead listen up.  They pile up in big schools around the 60-foot contour.  I usually start at the 40 line and work my way around until I find the bait.  Once I find the bait I set my lines and give it an hour at each spot.  2.5 mph with dipsy divers and spoons is the target.  Set your rods at different depths until you get a hit.  Let the fish tell you what they want.  The shortest run out of the grounds is from Avon Point straight North.  Some do the run from Lorain and Vermilion but it’s a haul.   Out East in PA and NY, you can catch steelhead in closer because the water is deeper closer to shore.  If you have a smaller boat or an older boat, make sure you have everything in working order, including a radio before you head out.  You do not want to be stuck out 20 miles with issues.

Lake Erie Bass Fishing

Most bass in the Western basin are around post-spawn and eating.  This week we found the smallmouth on points around the islands until about 10 AM.  Then they would slide out to the 20-foot contour on large boulders.  Use tubes and jerk baits in the morning, and switch to a drop shot as the day moves on and the sun gets high.  Sometimes finding where the smallmouth go after they feed can be tough, but if you find them it’s game on.  The largemouth in the harbors are on fire and eating most of the day.  There are some good fish in the harbors right now on that post-spawn feed bag.  Out East, some of the fish are still on beds and can be found shallow as the water stays cooler for longer because of the clarity and depth.  Target 9 feet and shallower for smallies.  Target the shallow grass flats in the rivers and marinas for largemouth.

Lake Erie Fishing Report Tip

We are seeing a lot of people that are not used to boating on big water.  The good fishing is bringing in all kinds of new folks.  Nothing wrong with that, you just need to know what you are getting into when you go.  If you are new to Lake Erie do yourself a favor and make sure you know the boating laws and catch limits.  Especially know if you are the give-way or stand-on vessel.  The wind also plays a major factor in how Lake Erie acts from day to day.  Last Saturday there was a 15 mph NE wind.  I watched 3 grown men get into a 15-16 foot Jon boat and head out.  They quickly turned around only to fight for their lives to get back in.  We lose too many people on the water every year because of bad decisions.