Erie Walleye Report | 30 Nov 2017

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Where to start?  The fishing is excellent right now.  Lots of limits of walleye are hitting boat decks. The most productive areas from last weekend are below in this week’s Erie Walleye Report.

Cleveland Walleye Fishing Report

Inside the breakwall has been good at times for walleye.  40 FOW with Bandits back 30 – 70 and Reef Runners back 40 – 120.  Edgewater shoreline and outside the breakwall at night have been good.  Lastly, the casting bite has been phenomenal off the rocks and off-anchored boats.

Lorain Walleye Fishing Report

Trolling in close (within a mile) to shore seems to be the productive area.  The fish are sitting suspended down 15 – 20 ft. over 25 – 40 FOW.  Bandits with weights, reef runners unassisted back 65 – 85, and P10s with weights are catching most of the fish.  The shore bite has been pretty steady off of the piers also.  The first 2 hours after the sun goes down.

Vermillion Walleye Fishing Report

There is steady bite north of the river about 2 miles and west.  There is some dirty water there but the fish don’t seem to mind.  All bandits 25/25 w/ 2 oz., unassisted back 25, and unassisted back 60.  40 – 45 FOW seems to be the ticket.

Huron Walleye Fishing Report

North of Cranberry in 45 FOW, SW and NE of the Dump, 20-30 FOW follow the shoreline to Cedar Point, 40 – 45 FOW from the Dump west to Marblehead have all been good.  Bandits back 25 – 60, Reef runners back 55 – 130.  There have been some fish caught on deep husky jerks back 40 also.  IB Frozen, gator bait, cheap sunglasses, and anything that is shiny/chrome has been hot.

Lake Erie Islands Fishing Report

For this Erie walleye report, North and East of Kelley’s Island, Kelley’s Shoal, East of the Monument at South Bass, West side of Catawba along the cliffs, Lakeside to Marblehead in close, and American Eagle Shoal all have been producing nice fish.  Flicker shads back 40 – 55, Bandits back 25 – 75, and reef runners back 50 – 100.  It all depends on where you are marking the fish and the depth of water.

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report

Not too many people chasing perch right now.  But there are some still hanging around the islands.  The only report I have is fishing the clean water in between Kelley’s, South Bass, and Catawba.  There are pockets of clean water in there.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report

Wow, the steelhead bite is really good right now.  In the rivers you want to be fishing the tail outs with egg sacs, jig/maggot combo, or flies.  Also, don’t be afraid to fish the slack water by log jams, sometimes the fish will hold in them.  All rivers are looking and fishing great right now including the Vermillion (which is the last to clear).  If you are in a boat fish the mouths of the rivers either trolling any crankbait that is chrome or little Cleo’s and you should have an excellent day.  20 – 26 FOW outside of Vermillion has been good.  Look for the bait clouds on your fish finder.