Fish Lake Erie Report | 2 Nov 2018

The challenge this weekend will be finding clean water.  You dramatically increase your chances of catching fish in slightly stained to clear water.  We are still in the middle of a hard wind that has messed the lake up pretty bad. Hopefully this fish Lake Erie report helps you catch more fish!

Walleye Fishing Report

East – Walleye fishing has slowed a little as the weather has cooled down.  Walleye are on the move back West to do their dance in a couple months.  However, there are some resident walleye hanging around the rocky bottoms close to shore that anglers will be able to target until the ice comes.  The latest report I have is reef runners w/ 2 oz. 6 ft. up the line trolled at 1.8 mph in 28 FOW.  This is for NY waters.

Central – Bite is nothing short of fantastic for the boats and shore fisherman.  35-45 FOW in front of Cleveland, Lorain, Beaver, and Huron has been fantastic.  Bandits, BayRats, and Reef runners trolled in the top 15 ft. in the morning.  Add snap weights in the afternoon when the fish go deeper.  Still getting fast limits, but the big fish are still few and far between.  Might just be a competition thing with all the small walleye.  By small I mean anything 6 lbs. and under.  The shore bite has picked up dramatically in the last month using P10’s and Reef Runner 700’s.  The bite has been best between 1900 and 2230.  However, there have been some reports of a good bite in between 0300 and 0445.

Western – There have been some schools of walleye hanging around the islands waiting to do the dance.  Bandits and Reef Runners are doing the best.  Kelley’s, Gull Island, Middle Island, and North Bass all have nice schools hanging around.  The evening bite has been the best as the walleye move up on the reefs and shores to feed as the sun gets lower.  Most of the fish are on the smaller side (6 lbs. and under).  During the day we focus on bottom structure in the 20-30 ft. range.

Perch Fishing Report

The perch fishing is starting to pick up everywhere.  Cleveland out of wildwood, Avon, Beaver Creek, Huron, and Catawba all have perch hanging around.  Most of the perch are in 30 FOW or deeper.  I would give out exact locations from the past week but they will do no good this weekend.  It is a here today gone tomorrow type fishing.  They move around a lot looking for food.  Best advice is don’t drop anchor until you have solid marks.

Steelhead Fishing Report

This past week before the blowout was good as most of the fall fish are staging outside the rivers and some have made the trek up.  After this rain the rivers should be quite loaded up with fresh fish.  When the water goes down focus on deep tail and head water.  Also focus on structure such as bridges, pilings, and large boulders will hold resting steelhead.

Bass Fishing Report

The fall feed bag is on.  The smallies are moving up and so are the largemouth.  All of the points and rocky shallow areas around the islands are holding good numbers of smallmouth as the feed coming into winter.  Target 5-15 fow over structure and you should have a good day.  Pelee island is nothing short of fantastic right now.  Target the same areas as above.  Inside the harbors from Catawba to the Western shore of Lake Erie in Michigan has been great for largemouth fishing.  The Michigan Lake Erie shoreline and harbors have been the best.  With West and East Harbors coming in a close second.

Crappie Fishing Report

The crappie have moved to the docks.  West and East Harbor have good numbers of crappie hanging around in certain areas around the docks.  Finding them might be a struggle, but once you do it’s lights out.  Sandusky bay also has some very nice crappie hanging around the rock walls, structure, and Marinas.  Try to find deep water docks.  Minnows on a slip bobber has been best. Hope you enjoyed this fish Lake Erie report.