Fishing Lake Erie Report | 28 Dec 2018

Lake Erie is ice-free and anglers are catching plenty of late-year fish!  Be careful if you venture out this weekend, it’s still wintertime. Below is your fishing Lake Erie report. 

Walleye Fishing Report

Cleveland to Michigan Waters has been the best this winter season.  With no ice, the pier fishermen and boat anglers are getting plenty of walleye casting, jigging, and trolling. 

The best trolling bite right now for big fish is between Cleveland and Huron in a minimum of 35 FOW.  East of Kelley’s has fish hanging around also.  Lots of 10-12 lb. fish are in the area on their way back to do the dance, that is if you can keep the juvenile fish away.  The key is to find those marks that are suspended.  Bandits unassisted, Reef Runners and P10s are doing most of the work.  Put your baits just above where you are marking the fish.  This will dramatically increase your hookups.  There has been an excellent jigging bite in the same areas.  Using a vibe-e, hair jig, or live bait rig pound the bottom until you get a reaction strike.  If they are not actively feeding they move on to the next pod. 

The shore casting game has been hit or miss.  It’s a here one day gone tomorrow type scenario.  Huron has had some success in the last week and so has Lorain. 

Lake Erie Steelhead Report

We are in full winter force with the steelhead season.  Lots of nice fish are being caught and the streams are full of them.  The Rocky River, Chagrin River, Grand River, and Conny have been having the most action.  With the recent rains, fresh fish are coming into the rivers daily.  Low light periods in the morning and evening are best.  Skein is still the number one bait, followed by jig and maggot, and lastly artificial.  There are more areas to fish than those that are mentioned, remember every stream that dumps into Lake Erie from Sandusky to Niagara Falls gets a run of steelhead.  Some are ditches and some are major rivers.  Doing some research can pay off big time.

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report

The fishing piers are holding perch.  It is a hit-or-miss type of fishing, but when they are in you can fill a bucket pretty quickly.  E55th, Lorain, and Huron have been the best places to try for perch. 

Lake Erie Crappie Fishing Report

Now is normally the time that crappie starts to fill the marinas around the Western basin of Lake Erie.  I say normally because the catches have been sporadic.  There are some nice fish in the marinas in Sandusky bay in the usual spots, West Harbor, and East Harbor.  The key is to find the docks with deep water access close by or sit in deep water themselves.  Jigs tipped with minnows and just minnows under a float have been doing good.