Lake Erie Fishing Report Western Basin

Lake Erie Fishing report western basin
Lake Erie Fishing report western basin


The fishing is off to a slow start in the western basin of Lake Erie. The up-and-down temperatures and wind play a big role in good spring fishing. We need a good week with steady weather and light winds to kick it off. With that being said, some fish are being caught in between bad weather patterns. In short, look for high-current areas and rocky areas outside of the reef complex. That is where the fish are. Below is your Lake Erie fishing report for the Western Basin.

Walleye Trolling Fishing Report | Western Basin

Walleye are being caught in high current areas and off the reef edges in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Some fish are spawning on the reefs, but most are off of them. Look for this to change in the next couple of weeks. High-current areas such as Mouse Island, Middle Bass, and Marblehead are all good places to troll right now. In these areas trolling with the current or against it changes day to day, you will have to figure that out. Reef Runners, Husky Jerks, and P10’s are all working in those areas. 1-1.8 MPH has been working best depending on the bottom current.

Outside of the western basin reefs are productive right now. Target the rocky edges of the reefs and the sand flats coming to and from the reef complex. 19-28 FOW has been best depending on which area you are fishing. Deeper water is closer to Catawba and the islands. In these areas, lower has been better. Target the bottom 5-6 ft. as these fish are entering and exiting the reefs. Reef Runners, Husky Jerks, and Bandits work well in this area trolling at 1-1.8 MPH. The upper end of the trolling speed will be more critical as the water warms up during the spawn.

Walleye Jigging Report | Western Basin

Walleye Jigging is just getting started in the western basin of Lake Erie. The water still needs to warm up a degree or two to get it going. Most fishermen have reported the best jigging to be on the rocky outskirts of the reefs in 10-16 FOW. These are great staging areas for the walleye to feed and get ready for the spawn. Toussaint, Round, and Niagara Reefs are great places to try jigging outside. Use sidescan to determine the edge of the reef and start there. Make sure you are jigging on a rocky bottom. Vertical jigging and snap jigging are both working for walleye right now. Hopefully this Lake Erie fishing report for the Western Basin helps you catch more fish!