Lake Erie Ice | 2 Feb 2018

The ice has pretty much vacated the area.  However, cold temps should start to do some work on the Catawba State Park side of the lake.  Now, for the good news.  Boat season came back briefly last week. Lake Erie ice may be coming to an end, your report is below.

Walleye | Lake Erie Ice

Now we know why everyone was catching small fish out on the ice in the west.  The hogs are still in Huron.  Pictures flooded social media as the weather warmed and the boats started breaking ice.  The quality was great and lots of limits were caught out of Huron this past week and weekend.  Jigging at the dump and trolling straight west of the river produced the best results.  Slow and steady won the game.  There was some success in Cleveland also.  Now the waiting game begins again to see if and when we get any more ice.  Huron Pier was hot for the warm-up also.  Casting off of the pier yielded some very nice limits.

East Harbor and West Harbor still have ice but it is in bad shape according to a fisherman yesterday.  The inland lakes held up the best.

As long as the snow stays away we should be in good shape to build some ice in the next couple weeks.

Steelhead Fishing Report

The rivers might get a little iced up from the freezing temps coming.  So I would get out now while they are fishable.  The past few days were pretty good as far as numbers.  The fish were holding in the tailouts  and headwaters in all sections of the rivers.

Wish I had more information this week, but with the weather swings it’s just hard for folks to get out. Hopefully, the Lake Erie ice stays or goes and we can make a decision.