Ice Fishing Report 1 Jan 2018

lake erie ice fishing
lake erie ice fishing

Wow is all I can say!!!!  Lots of ice and lots of fishermen.  The brave ones have already ventured out with great success.  Before I get into the report some things need to be put out there. Below is your ice fishing report.

Any information in the post is for information only.  You and only you are responsible for your actions while ice fishing Lake Erie regardless of “what you heard.”

Walleye Ice Fishing Report for Lake Erie

This is very early ice.  As you can see from the Modis image, the ice is still moving around but close to being locked in on the western basin of Lake Erie.  Strong winds can and will open up cracks making ice travel hard or impossible.  Know what the wind direction is and any cracks that you cross on the way out.  Also below is the shipping vessel schedule.  Since this is very early for ice, I would think these vessels still have the intention of getting to their target destinations.   The below vessels are currently sitting in Sandusky Bay with destinations in the Western basin of Lake Erie.

Vessels Underway on Lake Erie

CG Morro Bay – Destination Toledo, OH – Underway – ETA unknown
Tug boat Nebraska – Destination Toledo, OH – Underway – ETA unknown
Freighter Great Nebraska – Destination Alpena, MI – Underway and ETA is 2 Jan 2018
Freighter Manitoulin – Destination Toledo, OH – Underway and ETA is 3 Jan 2018

Walleye Fishing Report

The ice has been reported as being 6″-8″ thick off of Catawba State Park.  Some machines were out today and yesterday.  But most were walking as the walleye bite was close to shore.  Straight west of the park had the best action.  Most of the walleye are eater size.  There are also fish being caught toward the green can off the park.  As the ice thickens and more people hit the ice look for the fish to start moving out further.  South Bass Island has been fishing well for the past few days. 

Most anglers are leaving from the State Park on the West side of the island.  Perch and Walleye are caught off of this area.  I heard as little as 8 FOW for perch fishing.  As the week progresses look for a lot more reports to come as we have some super cold temperatures coming our way.  Most of the guides are planning on scouting this week.  Lastly, remember you cannot access the lake from Camp Perry unless you have a cabin rented and have a parking pass issued by management.  The past actions of ice fishermen have resulted in closing it to the public.  Below is a link stating the fact.