Lake Erie Ice Report | 10 Jan 2018

Lake Erie Wind Forecast
Lake Erie Wind Forecast

Any information in the post is for information only. You and only you are responsible for your actions while ice fishing Lake Erie regardless of “what you heard.” Below is the Lake Erie Ice Report

Figured I would get an ice condition/fishing report out before this little weather squall hits us.  That being said the weather started warming up today and will be even warmer tomorrow.  Please use good judgment as this will allow cracks to start opening and there will be significant water on the surface of the ice.  This will prevent some machines from getting to the fishing grounds.  Below is the wind and weather forecast for the next few days.  Looks like the worst south wind will be today and tomorrow.  Then a stiff North wind will move into the area.

Walleye | Lake Erie Ice Report

Walleye are being caught out of Catawba State Park and Camp Perry.  Remember, if you want to launch out of Camp Perry you must have a room rented and a parking pass.  All others will be towed and they have been towing people.

The ice has been reported as being 6 – 12 inches thick depending on the area.  Multiple working cracks have been reported.  The most significant is the first one coming out of both locations.  Fishermen have reported that these cracks have moved while fishing.  Remember, the western basin is not locked in.  If the current changes or the wind changes the ice will move around.   A good practice after this warmup/snow/rain is to make sure you spud your way out again or at a minimum check areas that look different.  Stop and spud any cracks you approach.  There have already been multiple machines stuck, and lost, and people have gone swimming.  You spend $ 1000 on your equipment, just be smart about it.

Walleye Fishing Location

The location of walleye has changed dramatically since the masses of fishermen have hit the ice.  They were in close at the start of the season and they are being pushed out now by all the traffic.  The best bites this past week are coming from straight west of the state park, F Can, and NW up to 4.5 miles.  However, 1 – 3 miles is the norm right now.  Do you have to go that far out?  Of course, you don’t, and you can still catch fish.  The key is to get away from people and stay mobile.  If you fish in a large group there is a lot of noise transmitted through the ice, this will affect your bite.  Also, if you are not marking fish why stay around?  It’s just like trolling in a boat, no marks, no fish!!!!

The size of fish is still lacking on the ice fishing grounds.  Seems like the fish are still hanging over in Huron where we left them 3 weeks ago.  Lots of “just eaters” are being caught with the 1 occasional hog being pulled up.  We are still very early in the ice season, so be patient, and big girls will show up.  Please measure your fish if you think they are close to legal.

Ice Fishing Perch

Perch is still being caught mixed in with the walleye.  Enough to keep people interested in them.  There have been some nice ones pulled up by rattlesnakes for the people who leave from South Bass.

Steelhead – I do not recommend this but there are people ice fishing off of the piers at the mouth of the tributaries.  If you can find someone that is experienced in this they are catching a lot of steelhead through the ice right now.  Some popular spots are the short wall on the Grand, Cleveland, and Geneva Harbors.  Again, this is a very risky business so if you want to go find someone that is in the know.

Tight line and be safe out there!