Ice Fishing Report Lake Erie | 5 Jan 2018

Erie Ice Fishing
Erie Ice Fishing

Any information in the post is for information only.  You and only you are responsible for your actions while ice fishing Lake Erie regardless of “what you heard.” Below is your ice fishing report for Lake Erie.

Ice Fishing Report Lake Erie

The ice is reforming/moving back in after the hard South wind we had a couple of days ago.  These cold nights have helped to lock in some of the ice.  We still have a long way to go to be where we were a few short years ago.  Look for the ice to continue moving as the temperatures and wind fluctuate.

Catawba State Park is the place to be if you do not have access to a private place to launch.  Word has it that today they had to put barricades up because parking was full.  I would expect that to be the norm after this weekend.  If you plan on ice fishing, I would be very early on the weekends.

Walleye Ice Fishing Report

They are still catching fish, but it looks like the big girls are a little behind the ice this year.  Fish are being caught from 15 – 25 FOW.  Lots of throwbacks are what we are getting, with a few “eaters.”  Heard of a better grade of fish 3 miles NW of the park.  This is right where the fish were in 13-14 and 14-15.  

The best baits have been A Rapala jiggin’ rap and Swedish pimple.  Both tipped with minnows.  Ice has been reported as being 8-10 inches, so good news there, and machines are being used.  The best tip I can give you is to get away from other people if you want to catch fish.  Fish will leave an area if there is a lot of people/traffic.  If you are not marking or catching fish, move.  Drill 100 holes if you need to, you have to be on fish to catch fish.

Perch Ice Fishing Report

The good news is perch can be caught mixed in with the walleye off of Catawba State Park.  Fish for perch within 1 mile of Catawba State Park.  Some would rather have perch than walleye, me included!

Have fun and be safe.  Don’t forget to bring a buddy, wear a life jacket, spud bar, 100 ft. of rope, GPS, Air Horn, Etc.