Perch and Walleye Report: Lake Erie August 2017

Hope everyone can avoid the green algae this weekend, it’s getting bad. Below is your Perch and Walleye Report for August 2017. If you like this report, check out our most recent posts at Lake Erie Fishing Reports.

Walleye Fishing Report

Walleye fishing remains good to excellent. The key is you have to be in the right areas. The walleye are on the move with the food. Find the food, find the walleye. The East side of Lake Erie remains the best area for bigger average walleye. The fish out East are deep. Dipsy divers, jets, and downriggers tipped with spinners or spoons are being used to catch the walleye on the East end. Ashtabula, Geneva, and Conny are the hot spots in 60 – 70 FOW. The central basin has some walleye hanging around also. Lorain dump, close to Cranberry Creek, and the North side of Kelleys all have walleye right now. Most of those fish are being taken with spoons, bandits, or reef runners. Lastly, The extreme west end of Michigan has been good also.

Perch Fishing Report

The perch are starting to school up and the fishing is getting really good. The western basin of Lake Erie remains the perch hot spot right now. The Catawba State Park buoy, north of Green, north of Rattlesnake, SB lighthouse, Lucy’s Point, west side of Kelleys, and Marblehead all have nice perch hanging around. The bite in the central basin is more or less non-existent. The bite on the eastern end remains good. However, outside Ashtabula harbor has some nice perch hanging around. The eastern bite goes all the way to NY. The good thing about fishing East is you don’t have to go far to find deep water. We hope you enjoyed this perch and walleye report for Lake Erie.