October Erie Fishing Report

Here is your October Erie Fishing Report. In this report, we cover walleye, perch, and Steelhead fishing. We cover where and how to catch these fish. If you are looking for up-to-date reports check out our Lake Erie Fishing Reports page.

Walleye Fishing Report

On fire lately, until the weather took a turn.  They are probably still biting, no one but the shore fisherman can get to them!

Where are Walleye Being Caught 

Vermillion to Kelleys in 40 FOW is the hot area right now.  There are some really good reports coming from Lorain also out by the dump.  Also, around Cedar Point has been good.  Try trolling the rock wall at night, or the beach.  Cleveland and Huron close at night are producing the bigger fish (for you brawlers).  Shore fisherman are getting their fair share at Lakeside, Dempsey, Huron, Vermillion, Cleveland, and Lorain.  Mostly from the piers, but if you have access from shore with deep water close by, try it, you may be surprised.

How Are Walleye Being Caught

Trolling cranks are what is mostly produced right now.  Some fish are being taken on worm harnesses also.  Speed is still up there though 1.8 – 2.2 mph.  During the day stick to Reef Runner 800’s and deep Bandits.  At night switch over to the shallow running lures.  The fish are way higher at night.

Perch Fishing Report

Perch bite remains delicious in the western basin, but not so much in the central.  Most perch fishermen are driving to leave out of any western marina including the ones in Michigan.

Where Are Perch Being Caught

Michigan shoreline, Catawba green buoy, SW of kelleys, Lucy’s point, Green Island, North of Rattlesnake, and on the line by North Bass.

Catching the Perch

Minnows on crappie spreaders.  Seems like there has been a light bite all year.  Crappie spreaders are out producing the perch rigs.  Shiners, fatheads, or goldies don’t matter.

Steelhead Fishing Report

The breakwalls are where you want to be until we get some rain.  Double digits in the morning has been going on all month.  There are some fish in the river system, but not many.  You can pretty much walk and fish every deep hole until you find them.

Where to Look for Steelhead

Edgewater Park (HOT), Lorain, Vermillion, Headlands, and Conny.

Baits for Catching Steelhead

Egg sacs, Little Cleo’s, nymphs, and beads for the fly guys. We hope you enjoyed this October Erie Fishing Report and it helps you catch more fish.