Erie Ice Fishing Report | 27 Dec 2017

erie ice fishing report
erie ice fishing report

Looks like we have some cold temps, and we are making some ice.  I know everyone is excited to see that!  This is going to be brief because the main lake is still a no-go, but there are options for this weekend.  Just a disclaimer for the page, we will never say there is safe ice, you take full responsibility for your actions. Below is your Erie Ice Fishing Report.

Main Lake Erie Ice Fishing Report

This Erie ice fishing report shows the ice is not ready yet.  She is making ice as fast as possible with the given temps.  Looks to be shaping up nicely and you can even see the formation of the 911 crack already (the open area you see that stretches from Catawba to Toledo).

East Harbor State Park

There are guys out fishing.  3.5 – 5 inches.  Will only get thicker as we head into the weekend.  Small bluegill is mostly what you will get fishing there.

West Harbor Ice Fishing

No reports as of yet.  I’m sure the locals have been checking the state park every day.  As soon as I hear something I will report it.

Cleveland Harbor Erie Ice Fishing Report

Inside the marinas should be locking up well.  I do not have any information on ice thickness.  This area is very popular for perch and steelhead.  Again, only inside the harbors, outside of them is very dangerous.

Inland lakes around the North part of the state have an average of 2-3 inches, give it some time going into the weekend and they should be fishing.

Tight Lines and please be careful on this first ice we have.  Life Jackets, spud bars, ice picks, rope, and never go alone!!!!