Erie Smallmouth and Perch Report July 2018

Update on the Bass and Perch fishing. Some questions were being asked about the bass fishing and some misinformation being spread that the perch fishing is good across all of Lake Erie.  The perch fishing is only good in very specific areas.  Those areas are highlighted in this report. Below is your Erie Smallmouth and Perch Report for July 2018.

Erie Smallmouth and Perch Report

Lake Erie Smallmouth Report

Deep water is where the smallmouth are hanging out. 17-22 FOW outside the islands and the rocky structure heading east to Erie, PA. Accordingly, only specific rocky areas are going to hold the fish. Side and down imaging are a must to locate and catch those deep fish. Now, there are some shallow smallmouth still being caught but that is limited to early mornings and evenings around grassy points and areas with current. Lastly, throw 4″ tubes and drop shot cross tail shad in 3”.

The largemouth fishing is excellent around Catawba Island and Marblehead in the marinas and shorelines. Do not overlook the Portage River, Toussaint River, Turtle Creek, Cedar Creek, and Maumee Bay they all have very good largemouth fishing.  The Michigan shoreline has the best size on the whole lake in our opinion, it is deep and full of lily pads.  Lots of 3-4 lb. fish on the West shore.  Cleveland Harbor and Mentor Headlands have some good greenfish fishing also.  Throw a green pumpkin senko-style bait or a 4″ tube. If fishing in the lily pads a punching bait or frog is your best bet.  Accordingly, You can launch right in the harbors and not have to go on the main lake at all if you have a small boat.

Lake Erie Perch Report

Across Lake Erie, the perch fishing remains poor. The western basin is good for perch right now. The areas to try are East of South Bass in 30 FOW, North of Mouse Island, A can, Taco Bell buoy, All points off Kelleys Island, and Marblehead/Lakeside. The fishing in these specific areas has been good with fast limits. The mentioned reports are the only ones available.  Now, this does not mean that they aren’t catching some perch out East.  Ashtabula, Conny, and on East through NY typically start heating up about now into the fall.  It does not hurt to try. Lastly, this Erie Smallmouth and Perch Report helps you catch more fish.