Walleye and Steelhead Fishing Report: Nov 2018

Well with winter fast approaching the walleye and steelhead fishing has been outstanding on the shores and rivers of Lake Erie.  Hopefully, the information below helps you to get into some fish. Lastly, this Walleye and Steelhead Fishing Report will help you catch more fish.

Walleye Fishing Report

The Islands to Cleveland have been outstanding for walleye when the weather cooperates.   Finding good days to fish are getting few and far between.  Fish are being caught on mostly crankbaits.  Huskies, Bandits, Reef Runners, Bay Rats, and P10s are doing most of the damage.  1.8 mph seems to be the average speed of trolling.  The reports we are getting are the bigger fish are deeper.  If you want a fast limit that can still be had, but fall is known for big girls.  Some productive areas to try right now are Cedar Point, The Castle (32 FOW), Vermilion (40 FOW), Lorain, and Cleveland (40-50 FOW).  Additionally, The shore night bite is just as good in the right conditions.  You want the wind at your back and have to be stacked on the shore to have a chance at catching a shore fish.  If you are not seeing any fish caught there is no sense in staying put.  Most guys will hit 5-10 spots in a night looking for active fish.  Think about it as boat fishing, if you sit still not catching anything you move, The same goes for shore fishing.

Steelhead Fishing Report

Some good opportunities for fall steelhead are available right now.  The rivers have fish in them and so do the mouths of the creeks in the lake.  If you are trolling use little cleos about 50 ft. back off the planer board in the mouths of the creek and just outside.  Some good harbors to try are Fairport and Conneaut.  The rivers right now have some good numbers of fish in the right spots.  Target the deep wintering holes right now with egg sacs and nymph flies.  Also a hair jig with maggots has done good.  In the evening look for the holding fish to start pushing upriver.  A good place to be is the tail out of a riffle or ford in the evening.  A lot of times those fish will stack up in those locations to push overnight.

Hope you enjoyed the quick fishing report.  This Walleye and Steelhead Fishing Report should help you catch more fish. Go catch some fish!