Walleye Report | 18 Dec 2017

Some guys made it out over the weekend despite the ramp and weather conditions.  There will be a lot more going out this week with the warm weather coming.  Strong South winds, rain, and 50-degree days should remove or move all the ice out of the area. Below is your walleye report!

Walleye Report

Most of the fishermen that made it out this weekend were trolling the Huron area with great success.  SW side of the dump and to the west had the best results.  Bandits 20/20 w/ 2 oz. and 6′ in front of the lure back 50′ produced most of the fish.  There was a very nice grade of fish with some 13s mixed into the bunch.  Multiple fish in Ohio were caught.  In front of the castle and Cranberry Creek, there was a nice steady bite in about 30 FOW also.  Bandits unassisted back 80 – 120. 

There is also a good jig bite out deep, Vibe E’s are producing the most strikes.  Some of the fish being jigged up are suspended.  Remember, there are other spots to try this time of year, they will be in their regular wintering holes.  Mouse Island, West of Kelley’s, South Bass Monument, and Marblehead are all good spots to try.  Some made it out of Cleveland but I did not get a report back from them.

Steelhead Report

The steelhead fishing should pick up if the rivers don’t swell up.  There are still a lot of fish staging in front of the tributaries.  Look for the lower stretches to fill up with fresh fish, ice and rain depending.  We have some warm temps coming this week, that should break up some of the ice. The deep tail outs and headwaters should be holding fish.  Egg sacs and bead head nymphs worked real slow should do the trick.