Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 31 August 2022

lake erie walleye charter
lake erie walleye charter

Late summer is officially here are so are the Walleye! Fishing remains excellent despite the hot weather. This Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report covers Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Canadian Waters.

Ohio – Most anglers are fishing from Huron and East.

Huron: Fishing has been good from 42-46 FOW. Fisherman are trolling spoons and stick baits behind Dipsy Divers in the 30 ft. range. Mostly just eaters in this area

Lorain: Fishing remains good in the 50-53 FOW range. Trolling spoons and stick baits with Dipsy Divers down 40 ft. has been good. If you venture further out (approx. 22 miles NE) there are steelhead mixed in with the walleye.

Ashtabula: The 01 to 04 line has been the best fishing the past few weeks. The best leads are a Dipsy #1 setting at 130 ft. and #3 setting at 160 ft. Trolling spoons and double willows has been the best.

Pennsylvania – Report is for Walnut Creek area

Walnut – 64′ to 68′ has been the best producing area. Double willow blades behind Dipsy divers at 115′ has been best. Downriggers set at 55′ have been catching walleye as well. Many fast limits in this area the past few weeks.

New York – This report is for Western NY waters

Cattaraugus Creek to the PA line: 65-85 FOW has been the best area to target for Walleye. Fish between 40′ and the bottom. Downriggers and Dipsy Divers in that depth area will produce fish. There are some lakers hanging around in the same areas closer to bottom.

Canada – Port Burwell Area

Port Burwell: Fishing in 60 FOW has been best lately. Most fish are being caught in the 40 ft. range off downriggers and dipsy divers. Most anglers are running spoons to get a mixed bag of steelhead and walleye. There are some nets in this area so be cautious.

We hope you catch a lot of fish from this Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report. As always check out our articles on the basics for Lake Erie fishing and boating!