Fall Walleye Fishing Report | 20 Nov 2017

The fall walleye fishing is on fire.  Below is what you need to know to head out this week heading into Thanksgiving.

Fall Walleye Fishing

The fishing has been spectacular for about a month now. The late fall walleye bite is on. Find out where and how walleye are being caught in Lake Erie this fall.

Where are Walleye Being Caught

Cleveland, Lorain, Vermilion, Huron, Sandusky Bay, Marblehead, Port Clinton, and the Michigan shoreline are all very hot right now.  The walleye have the feed bag on and they are on their way to the spawning grounds.  Typically if you find a couple of fish, don’t go far, there are more down there.  Seems like the bigger fish have been between Vermilion and Huron, but that was last week and you know how fast they move.  All the listed places have public access from shore, and they are producing walleye.  No need for a boat.  The key though is you need to have bait present.  If there is no bait present then leave and go to the next spot.  Some places where fast limits are being caught from shore are Lorain, Edgewater, E72nd Street, Of course, Huron (always has fish), Luna Pier, and Catawba state park.

How are Walleye Being Caught

Trolling and Casting.  If you have a boat, troll deep during the day (30 – 45 FOW).  During the day the larger fish will be deeper than the smaller ones, using weights while trolling crankbaits to get down to the big girls.  Something that was working this past week was dropping the bait to the bottom then reeling up just slightly and letting it do its thing. During the day we are running deep bandits with 2 oz. weights, Reef Runners (65-100 back), P10’s 50/50 w/ 2oz., and deep husky jerks back 120 ft.  As it gets later slide into the rocky shores as close as you can get without risking your rig. Run your baits 10-25 ft. back off of a line counter.  We tried 50 ft. back this past week and didn’t boat a fish until we pulled the baits up, we were under the feeding fish.  You want your baits running on top of them, they feed looking up.  If you are casting off of a pier, use the shallow versions of those baits listed.

Fall Perch Fishing on Lake Erie

The perch fishing has been outstanding around the islands and outside Huron.  Golden shiners or emeralds, either one is fine.  The castle, Perry’s monument, green can off Kelley’s, and Lakeside all have fish nearby.  The bigger ones are coming out of Huron though, there is a lot of sorting in the western basin going on.

November Steelhead Fishing

This rain has the rivers high and muddy.  Look for a couple of the rivers to start fishing Wednesday evening.  The Vermilion and Grand Rivers might be a couple more days as they stain easily.  The Rock should fish on Wednesday.  Spawn sacs still seem to be the bait of choice.  If you need spawn sacs Erie Outfitter, Fin Feather Fur, and Central Basin Bait and Tackle all have them.  The fly guys are throwing minnow imitations and beadhead nymphs.  Focus on the deeper pools as the water cools down, they will be held there after the big run right now.  The best fishing thus far is going to happen this weekend!  I would not miss it.